Rick Smith Highly Talented Business Executive Taking Securus Technologies to New Heights of Success

The success and failure of a company are mostly driven by its management and the policies they make. And, the driver of the company’s management is its Chief Executive Officer. If the CEO of the company doesn’t take strategic decisions at the right time, it is likely that the company would fail and would not be able to come from its failure. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, is one of the most reputed names in the corporate circles of the United States, and his achievements in the telecom industry are undisputed. He has helped Securus Technologies reach new heights of success through the innovative marketing measures he devised and implemented with accurate precision. The primary aim of Rick Smith has always been to modernize the inmate communications field, and he has done so by making research and development its primary tool. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

Securus Technologies is an inmate communication technology firm that has many different innovative and instrumental products and services that allows inmates to communicate freely with their friends and relatives. It is a company that has helped in ways more than one to make inmate communication more affordable than ever before. The new technologies that are being developed by Rick Smith Securus have assisted in ensuring that the inmates can communicate more frequently with their relatives and friends without having to worry about the pocket pinch. The efforts made by Rick Smith have also led to the development of the new video visitation facility that allows the inmates to communicate with the help of video chat with their relatives. It helps the inmates and their family to see each other while communicating, which eliminates the need for the family and friends of the inmates to visit the prison facility. It saves money by visiting the prison facility for the relatives. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Rick Smith has extensive experience in the telecom industry and has worked for over nine years with Eschelon Telecom as well. It has helped him gain immense experience that he uses now at Securus Technologies to make it one of the leading correctional technology firm in the industry. Rick Smith has done his engineering from the New York University and completed Masters in Business Administration. Rick Smith is also one of the board members at the Integra Telecom, a leading telecom firm that provides a wide range of inmate communication services.

Rick Smith understands that the competition is getting fierce in the world of inmate communication sector, and to keep the growth rate consistent, mergers and acquisitions are essential. It is for this very reason; Rick Smith decided to acquire Jpay Inc, one of the leading providers of modern inmate services, including songs download, money transfer services, video chat facilities, voice messaging system, job opportunities for inmates, educational facilities, and more.

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SahmAdrangi’s Efforts In Shaping The World Of Economics

SahmAndragi established the company called Kerrisdale capital. Under his management, the company has accumulated a total of $ 100 million whose sole purpose is to elevate the stock of he public company that they are about to establish. There are methods that SahmAdrangi and Shane Wilson who is an analyst at Kerrisdale capital are planning to use to market the company. This shall be done by use of blogs, websites, videos and radio broadcasts to raise the status of the company and attract individuals to invest. Plans are underway to unveil the company not later than May. The annual 28% return made by Kerrisdale capital is from stock betting on company stocks.

Kerrisdale capital was formed by SahmAdrangi who also runs it as the Chief Investment Officer. He has played a part in the company since its creation in 2009. With a total of $1 million, SahmAdrangi was able to form the company. The company currently has $ 150 million under his control. At the University of Yale Sahm studied a degree in economics which has given him the adequate knowledge in this field. He took his job at Deutsche Bank. During his time at Deutsche Bank, he took an initiative of providing bankrupt creditors committees and how best they could manage their finances. He has also made various publications advising people about the stocks markets and also elaborating the importance of companies such as Kerrisdale capital management. He also provides his knowledge about the world of economics to others through public speaking. He participated in the Sohn conference.

Various companies were carrying out fraudulent activities that SahmAndrangi has helped in the exposing of these companies to make the public more comfortable in investing in stock market. The biotechnology sector has also attracted the attention of SahmAdrangi. Through this, he has been able to publish articles involving companies which include sage therapeutics, Zafgen and pulse biosciences. The telecommunication sectors also have the interest of sahm and the Lindsay Corporation which he has facilitated the management of funds. With all these Adrangi has lifted the economic area.

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George Soros Gives Big Donation To Open Society Foundation

If there’s one thing that seems to define the work of George Soros it’s his dedication to making the world a much more global place. Nobody before him has ever had so much commitment to giving people across the world opportunities. However, he is now very cautious because he sees the world changing in ways that seem to favor the loss of autonomy. These new right wing movements threaten the foundation of open societies, so he plans on doing what he knows he can do about it to prevent any more harm from occurring. That’s exactly what the Open Society Foundation can do.

The Open Society Foundation was created by Soros as a way to give his goals of building a more connected world to fruition. He understood the need to connect economies from across the world in order to help people change their status in life and challenge the status quo. His foundation does much of this by promoting democracy and free markets in developing countries, but he also does much of his work in the developed world where he sees a new threat on the horizon. The far right is making a comeback and the controversy represents a particularly strong threat to open societies already established.

Trump has proven that the far right can make a comeback even in the face of overwhelming odds. Soros has taken this new move and decided he will do just about everything he can to stop Trump’s agenda from coming to life. He believes there is a fundamental need to oppose everything Trump has planned if America is going to save any of the progress it has acquired over the course of the Obama years. His investment isn’t going to be a small one either. He wants to pour billions of his fortune into this movement.

Putting $18 billion into the Open Society Foundation is certainly a big risk to be taking, but it’s a risk that Soros is willing to take. He believes we are currently at a point in society where we need to take on the alt right, nativists, and others who seek to disrupt the current flow of society. So far, it seems that 2017 has been a great year for those seeking to resist Trump and his movement. Trump and the right have failed to enact much of their ideals and their likely to lose power in coming year.

Next year is going to be a trying time for America and the West. Midterm elections in America and the second year of Trump’s presidency are going to be trying times. The Open Society Foundation is going to have its work cut out for itself, but hopefully Soros manages to turn it into something more substantial. From what we’ve seen so far it seems the Open Society Foundation is in the perfect position to fight back. George Soros has spent years helping the spread of Open Societies. He isn’t going to let this turn him back from what he has done so well.

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OSI Industries Leads The Way In Food Manufacturing

OSI Industries continues to maintain its status as the front-runner of food manufacturing. The company made many changes over the years. It has been in operation for decades and does not show any signs of regressing. Leaders at OSI Industries continue to push for growth in order to maintain a international workforce that understands its clients and their customers.

OSI Industries began as a meat market in the early nineteen-hundreds. Otto Kolschowsky founded the company during the early 1900s in Chicago. He ran it with his sons and established a reputation for providing a great product with exceptional service. As time moved on Otto’s sons took over the business. In the 1950s they entered into a working relationship with a businessman named Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the leader of the McDonald’s Corporation and was looking to move his business into the Illinois area. Kroc needed a meat manufacturer that he could trust in the region and chose Otto and Sons for the job.

Otto and Sons separated themselves from the other meat manufacturers that McDonald’s was using at the time. During the 1950’s the McDonald’s Corporation had hundreds manufacturers throughout the country providing them with food product. Otto and Sons was able to cater to the specific needs of their number one client. They first introduced the meat patty cutting machine. This device allowed them to provide a product to McDonald’s that made the operation more efficient. There were also cryogenic freezing chambers in the facility which allowed Otto and Sons to store large amounts of meat in order to supply the tremendous needs of McDonald’s at the time.

Otto and Sons eventually won the right to be the sole provider of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation. By the 1960s they became known as OSI Industries and expanded operations. The leadership at OSI as continued to push for growth, which has resulted in having many major fast food chains as clients. The company produces a variety of products that are distributed world wide and serve a number of different consumer bases.

OSI Industries has spread its influence throughout the world by creating opportunity for others. They acquired several other companies including Tyson Foods, which is a local Chicago organization. OSI also merged with Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group of Europe. These acquisitions allowed OSI to diversify their reach within the industry and continue to expand the company’s overall vision.

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Utilize Life Line Screening to Catch Osteoporosis Early

If you aren’t concerned about the potential of bone loss as you age, you may want to reconsider the fact that it could easily happen to you. Osteoporosis is one of the most common daily ailments that people suffer with as they grow older. Osteoporosis can be incredibly difficult as it can cause pain that can ebb and flow, or put you in constant aching pain. The disease can affect nearly any place in the body where there are joints. From your fingers to your toes, Osteoporosis can be a terribly difficult thing to deal with.

One of the biggest complains that people who suffer from Osteoporosis have is the limited physical activity that comes with the disease. It holds people back from physical activities they enjoy. It can also hinder everyday physical activity like climbing up and down stairs or gripping a coffee mug.

Osteoporosis happens when the density of the bone begins to break down. Basically, our body stops being able to produce bone as quickly as we lose bone mass. This leads to bone density issues. This can be especially risk because most people don’t even realize they are affected by Osteoporosis until they are either having consistent pain or suffer an injury.

The Importance of Catching Osteoporosis Early

If caught early, bone density issues can be moderately manageable. Also, if you are at risk for future bone loss there are many supplements to try. Physical therapy or certain stretches can also be tailored to problem areas. Life Line Screening offers a very popular test that uses ultrasound waves to predict if you are either at risk for bone loss or already suffering from bone loss.

Trust Life Line Screening with a Bone Density Scan

A bone density scan is one of the simplest ways to determine if you are having issues with bone loss. Life Line Screening offers a highly specific test to check for bone density issues. The screening is wholly non-invasive and painless.

The goal of Life Line Screening is to help people learn about potential health issues in a non-invasive and affordable manner. Their team of professionals uses ultrasound waves to check for issues. While a bone density screening is one of the most popular tests, Life Line Screening offers a large amount of additional tests to check for most major health issues. Remember, catching potential health issues early is the best way to prevent more serious issues later on!

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Paul Mampilly: An American Investor Who Is Helping The Average Joe Learn About Investing The Right Way

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who was previously a former hedge fund manager. During his time as a hedge fund manager, he has won many different awards and has appeared on countless television shows. His brilliant investing skills allowed him to win the the prized. Templeton Foundation investment competition where he turned an initial amount of money into millions of dollars. As the creator of Profits Unlimited, he provides advice, guidance, and information for regular people who want to know more about investing and the stock market.

Paul Mampilly brings with him more than 25 years of business experience, and his career began with him working for Deutsche Bank. His management of million dollar accounts got him noticed, and he eventually went to work for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Once his skills were recognized even further, Kinetics International Fund hired him on and made massive progress with Mr. Mampilly at the helm. His foresight allowed him to see the opportunity that Netflix would be far before it became popular, and he invested in the company to make a profit. By the time he turned 42, he realized that he wanted to stop helping the rich get richer and instead retired so that he could work to help regular Americans reach their financial goals through smart investing.

Paul Mampilly now earns his living through his heavy involvement in investing. He stays on top of the market and closely watches certain companies. He attributes years spent on Wall Street for his ability to immediately succeed in investing on his own. He is also finding a lot of satisfaction in helping others to be able to become successful through making wise investments. This is where his newsletter comes in, and it has been so helpful that he now has more than 60,000 subscribers who look forward to receiving it.

Paul Mampilly has commented that he finds extreme satisfaction in his new role of helping the common person to get a hold of their finances through investing. He attributes a lot of his success to putting the needs of others first, which seems to come easy to him. He also plans on continuing to invest himself, and he points to the “Internet of Things,” as a future trend that people should be on the watch for. He is also excited to see the Millennial Generation come of age, because they are a large group of people who might change the course of the future.

Paul Mampilly’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PaulMampillyGuru/

Dr. McKenna Is a Seasoned Medical Expert

Dr. Mark McKenna is an established doctor who is equipped with licensing for both medicine and surgery. He has licensing in the states of Florida and Georgia. This hard-working medical doctor is a tireless patient advocate. He’s a person who enjoys doing positive work for the community that surrounds him, too. Dr. Mark McKenna is a native of the beautiful city of New Orleans in Louisiana. He’s an alumnus of the Tulane University School of Medicine in his hometown as well. He entered medicine practice alongside his beloved father when he was finished with his education. He, at the same time, was in the process of setting up McKenna Venture Investments. This was the name of a firm that specialized in real estate development matters. After that, Dr. Mark McKenna worked hard to establish both Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. He, with time, would be at the helm of more than 50 workers total. His firms focused on all types of subjects that related to real estate closing, finance and even design-build concepts.

This dedicated medical professional moved to the energetic metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia in the autumn of 2007. That’s precisely when he founded ShapeMed, a medical practice that was all about aesthetics and overall well-being. Lifetime Medical Fitness, Inc. bought ShapeMed roughly seven years later on the first of November in 2014. He worked for the business as its National Medical Director. He did so all the way into the summer of 2016. Dr. Mark McKenna a year later landed a position as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a business called OVME. OVME was a medical aesthetic firm that had a clear mission. The mission was to transform topics that pertain to elective healthcare.

This doctor is happily married to a terrific woman by the name of Gianine. They have a fantastic young daughter who is called Milana Elle. They love animals as well. That’s the reason they have a Pomeranian named Ryder. This pooch is four years in age. When Dr. McKenna gets rare time off, he likes to spend it with his family.

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Dr. David Samadi’s Advice on Facts About Menopause Every Woman Should Know

A woman becomes fertile in her early teens and then transits to menopause in her 40s or 50s. At this stage, she is no longer productive. Here are some important things every woman should know about menopause.

i. Time When Menopause Comes

In most cases, menopause occurs a woman is between 45 and 55 years old. Studies have shown that on average, most women experience menopause at 51. However, specific factors such as smoking or use of other chemicals have an impact on the age at which menopause will appear.

ii. Symptoms of Menopause

About 75% of women experience hot flashes during menopause. The experience can occur at any time of the day. Other symptoms are arthralgia and mood swings.

iii. Link Between Menopause and Heart Disease

Menopause is linked to various heart-related health conditions. This is mainly due to the reduced levels of estrogen which makes the arteries less flexible thereby impairing blood flow. At this stage, it is advisable for women to eat a well-balanced diet, become active, and avoid smoking.

iv. Menopause May Cause Weight Gain

Menopause is associated with changes in the levels of hormones in a woman. This causes her to gain weight. Choosing the right diet, doing exercises, and sleeping well can have a significant impact in controlling weight gain.

v. Managing the Symptoms

The severity of some menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes or the overall health of a person may force one to consider using hormone replacement to control the symptoms. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using this method. Not all women can use this way safely.

Who is Dr. David Samadi?

David Samadi is a prominent American celebrity doctor. His reach academic background has played an essential role in making him successful. He attended Roslyn High School between 1983 and 1984 and graduated with a bachelor of science. From 2000 to 2002, he attended Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for oncology. He has also studied robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

Work History

Dr. David was a volunteer at Stoney Brook Hospital’s emergency room from 1990 to 1994. He has also got a chance to work at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. At Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, he worked as the Vice Chair of Urology.

Dr. David Samadi has also worked at Fox News Channel for a long time. Since 2009, he has been a medical consultant for the company. He has also been a Fox News contributor. From 2011 he has been a contributor to the channel’s news health.

For more info: www.huffingtonpost.com/author/dr-david-samadi

Boraie Development Dreams Big in New Jersey

While the real estate market in New Jersey has been facing challenges in the past few years, market analysts are upbeat the situation is poised for the better. Many industry insiders who spoke with Philly Purge were mostly optimistic despite identifying a few huddles. The real estate industry in New Jersey for some time had one of the highest levels of mortgage foreclosures in the United States. This trend has seen the New Jersey market trail the rest of states. The good news, however, is that the trend is no longer holding true. Delinquent mortgages are decreasing, and foreclosures are declining.

Improving economic fundamentals in New Jersey such as high levels of employment, gains on property prices, and increased household formation have seen the foreclosures decline. This has encouraged analysts and developers to focus on other matters in the sector. The points the industry is seeking to address now include the availability of affordable housing, addressing housing shortages, and expanding markets.

As the macroeconomic environment was improving, housing permits were on the decline for some reason. The market at large still points towards a shortage of housing with demand even threatening to outstrip supply in the next few months. Newly developed properties are selling at fever pitch rate. Why then are new housing permits dropping? While this presents a puzzle for industry watchers, some economists are pointing their fingers towards clogged up real estate inventory. Expectations in the industry seem to point towards better terms in the future. While many property owners were willing to offer property at the current rates, almost an equal number are holding up for improved prices in the near future.

While the overall market in the state displayed zigzagging characteristics, many towns buoyed by the macroeconomic situation were clearly on the upward trend. Developers are therefore focusing on areas with potential and moving in full swing.

According to Patch, Boraie Development, for instance, has set its foot in New Brunswick. With the company’s competitive edge in raising capital, it has stepped up its investments in the town. Boraie Development’s expansive network of professionals, financial institutions, and contractors work in a seamless harmony to execute complicated projects in a matter of days. It also adopts a management strategy that sees it take responsibility for aspects of property administration, maintenance, and marketing. The strategy enables Boraie Development owned by Omar Boraie to establish long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders. Projects like Aspire, Spring Street and Albany Street are flagships designed to attract the working class to New Brunswick. Visit his website boraie.com

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People Who Want to Look Good and Honor Ethics Can Trust Fabletics

It can be a very uncomfortable feeling when one finds out that his favorite fashion retailer is getting items in ways that are less than ethical. This definitely leaves them in a bad position. For one thing, some people do have a need to express themselves through fashion. When they have become accustomed to impressing others as well as themselves with their sense of style and fashion, having to look for something that is half as stylish and more ethical than their old store can be very frustrating. Some people just go ahead and risk the judgmental fingers of their peers and go back to their old store.


Fortunately, there is a more ethical option for people who want to be stylish. This option is known as Fabletics, which is part of the TechStyle Group. This brand has been started by Kate Hudson who not only wanted stylish clothes for active wear but also wanted clothing that has been developed in humane environments. This brings into question the many different aspects of saving money. After all, most people that are looking for clothes do not have hundreds of dollars to spend. Therefore, a business model is very important when it comes to saving money.


Fortunately, the business model that they have decided on for Fabletics is the subscription model. There are different levels to this subscription model. A customer does not have to pay a fee in order to sign up. However, the savings are going to be a bit smaller for the free account. Also, paid membership gets a free outfit based on the choices made in the LifeStyle Quiz.


Fabletics is one of the easiest ways for women to find styles that they like. They can also come up with outfits that can make others envy them. Fabletics does not stop at the usual sizes of other fashion retailers. They actually make it a point to reach out to larger women with their all inclusive initiative which brings forth plus sized offerings for women who are a bit larger than most fashion stores sell sizes for. Fabletics is one of the more thoughtful stores in fashion.