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Millions of people follow Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian on twitter. It seems that neither of these people have added much to our culture so their sheer amount of twitter followers makes me sad. But I have found a new guy to follow on the Internet because he is so interesting. Just take a look at Clay Siegall’s blog and you will find out why.

The guideposts the most interesting sort of his imaginable. Many of the stories don’t even make the front page of news organizations maybe it’s because these stories don’t involve celebrities or conflicts. They are just really interesting stories.

At first, you might think this guy is just another average Joe Internet user. You’d see if you articles about the NFL, NFL free agency and player movements concerning the Los Angeles Rams. But if you stick to it, you’ll see a litany of awesome articles involving science. This is the kind of curated information that could keep me entertained and informed for days.

There is an article about how a black hole is currently slowly swallowing a universe. There is an article about this eclectic microbe collector currently in a space station conducting experiments. There’s even a question posed by an NPR article — Did humans and Neanderthals kiss? Apparently, they found evidence of interspecies relations at the very dawn of human existence.

What is incredibly clear from reading this blog is that Clay Siegall is committed to science. It seems that he is a little uneasy during the Trump administration because our own president has come out against scientific truths. But Clay Siegall has been committed to science his entire life. He spent more than a decade as a scientific researcher on cancer. He then took his knowledge of cancer to found Seattle Genetics and pulled in over $1.2 billion for cancer research since the company went public in 2001.

His company employs over 1000 people. They are all dedicated to the pursuit of scientific truth concerning cancer and other diseases such as lupus. The company’s individualized treatments are revolutionizing the medical industry under the guidance of Clay Siegall.


Troy McQuagge’s Efforts Rewarded by One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge is a selfless leader, currently serving as the USHEALTH Group, Inc. CEO. As soon as he assumed his office in USHEALTH in 2010, he set to restructure several things within the company. Precisely, he did a lot in reshaping the advisors, and his efforts were quite notable such that in 2014, he was made the President and CEO. Since his tenure begun, the firm has been moving from one level of growth to another, something which has put him in the limelight quite a lot.

Upon being named the winner of a gold award in the 2016 One Planet Awards, Troy McQuagge attributed the entire success to the crew he co-works with. He quotes that every individual within the team has played a central role in assisting the company to get the honors. USHEALTH is a company providing insurance plans helping their clients acquire innovative coverage that caters for their ever-increasing healthcare needs. Troy’s input in ensuring that the business goals are met has been award-winning.

Crucial Information Concerning USEHEALTH Group

The insurance firm in question is in Ft. Worth, Texas and focuses on serving self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs owning small-scale enterprises. They have employed staff who possess relevant skills so as to deliver top-notch services to their many clients who are distributed globally. Their goal is to blend their employees’ talents and expertise so as to thrive in the competitive marketing of their insurance products. As well, they strongly believe in excellent customer service.

FundamentalsAbout One Planet Awards

This is a program that endeavors in annual awarding of merit among professionals of various organizations in North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin-America. The company considers all enterprises regardless of their size or profiling. They involve judges from all over since they believe in thorough scrutiny before settling on particular individuals for awarding.


Troy is a hardworking yet a gentle leader. This is depicted from his speech, as he receives the gold award. Such are the qualities that define in-born leaders. The company is expected to continue registering unparalleled success and being the reference in the insurance market.

Tammy Mazzocco Has Continued Success

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate broker who is located in Central Ohio. She works in Franklin, Licking, Fairfield, and Deleware Counties where she sells residential real estate.


Tammy got her start in real estate by working as a secretary for a nine-person commercial real estate group. Here she got the picture that a substantial income could be earned in the real estate business. From there she was the manager for a large condominium project for seven years. Her boss suggested that she go ahead and get her real estate license because she would be better able to assist him with some of his real estate projects that way.


When she worked for a very successful RE/MAX high volume agent, Tammy saw how a large real estate office should be run, and in 1999, she decided to take the plunge and go into real estate on a full-time basis. As it turned out, that was a great decision and Tammy Mazzocco has never looked back with any regrets.


Tammy loves her work because she enjoys the people. She says that the real estate business is a people business. Once she was asked what she does every day over and over that she could pass along to others, she said, “I attempt to treat my clients’ time and investment as I would my own. I don’t focus on the commission that I will receive at the end of the deal – I stay in the moment and focus on the deal that is best for the client at all times.”


She also focuses on setting goals and then breaking down the goal into actionable steps. This is the best way to make progress because little bites of the goal are easy to accomplish.


Tammy Mazzocco is a doer, and she doesn’t let any dust settle because she keeps moving. Her number one goal is to be with a client looking at a potential new house. She works hard, and the payoff is big. That is just how she likes it.

Arthur Becker: A Leading Real Estate Investor

Arthur Becker is a real estate investor based New York City. Arthur does not like to keep his eggs in one basket and has been involved in a lot of industries. For instance, he is a well-known technology mogul. Becker believes in other people and their ideas and has assisted quite some individuals to realize their dreams. He has gained tremendous experience by working as the CEO of various corporations.



Arthur’s Career



Becker has had a bright career as a top executive in different companies. He became the chief executive officer of NaviSite which provides internet services such as application management, hosting and cloud services to other firms. Arthur left the company in 2010 after a successful eight-year tenure with it. He was also one of the top advisers to Vera Wang fashion company for seven years.



At the moment, Arthurs amazingly leads three companies. One of these is Madison Technology Group, LLC which is mainly a technology company based in Colorado. The firm also acts as a consultation company. Another company Arthur leads is Atlantis Investors Company. He has been the managing director since 2002.



Zinio Company, which offers digital advertising and marketing, is headed by Arthur. He was given the role in 2012.



About Arthur



Arthur has a flexible life, and at the moment he is working on the last stages of a couple of Town Houses in Sullivan Street, New York. He is also planning on building a luxurious boat-shaped condo in Tribeca. Becker says that working with different talents and experts in the real estate and technology field makes him efficient at doing his job. He enjoys coordinating the jobs of professionals in the various fields.



One of the trends that have fascinated Arthur in the biotechnology industry is concerned with the area of cancer treatment. In his entrepreneurial life, Becker was most challenged by balancing passion and drive with critical thinking. Also, his numerous failures in the business world over the years have aided him to become a better entrepreneur as he now knows what aspects sink a company and which ones help a firm to stay afloat.

The Achievements of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is one of the most prominent names in the American entrepreneurial chart. She is the CEO of Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, LLC (CP+B). Over the past couple of years, Senecal has also been in charge of two of MDC’s most prized shops. She was the president and CEO of MDC’s Partner Network and has overseen growth at KBS. After she was appointed as the global CEO of CP+B, she also retained her title as the president of Partner Networks. She is known for bringing a globalization strategy and creative evolution that brings efficiency to agencies.

Lori’s interview with Laura Dunn

A lot of positive things about Lori came to light after an interview she did with Laura Dunn of The Huffington Post. One of these brilliant things is encouraging her workers to be creative. She has allowed and supported a lot of passion-driven projects from her employees. She has also urged the agencies that she has worked with to nurture a culture of creativity and innovation among the workers.

Lori’s young life has played a significant role in who she is today. Lori was born in a family of four siblings who were very talented and close in age. She, therefore, had to work hard to create herself and accomplish great things. From her experiences as a youngster, she got two core values that have aided her ever since. These were to have big dreams and to take courageous decisions to separate herself from the pack.

She also offered valuable advice to her fellow ladies who would wish to pursue a career in the marketing industry. She stated that the could make it and all they needed to do was respect clients and trust their instincts. She also talked about how the power of a big idea can help one transform an agency and put it on the global map.

Lori stated that people should not wait for an opportunity to come for them. Instead, they should grab them at first sight, and if an opportunity does not exist, they should find a way to create one. This can be done through identifying needs of the organization and one’s strengths.

Lori and the 3% Conference

This conference is a movement that seeks to increase the number if women from the small three percent to about eleven percent by promoting female creative talent and leadership. She attended the conference and talked about steps they have made to do this.

UKV PLC – Specialist In Quality Wine

UKV PLC is one of the largest experts when it comes to sales and distribution of assorted wines and champagne. Incorporated on March 25, 2015, with their head office in London, United Kingdom.

They work with high caliber of merchants, traders and brokers who provides them with the most sought after wine and champagne. UKV PLC supplies for both consumption as well as investment, according to the choice of their client.

Follow UKV PLC on Instagram

Although still growing up their social presence, UKV PLC has accounts with all social media platforms, and their followers are increasingly growing day in day out. With their online presences, they provides an exceptional range of assorted wines to their customers. They focus on a prodigious delivery of quality service to their clients. UKV PLC provides an abundance of exceptional wines for their large customer base in England, Wales and Scotland.

By patronizing this amazing company, they provides financial advice to their client. But that’s not all, they also provide information about tax implication on wine dealings. The customer support is amazing as clients won’t have to worry about anything as consultants take it as a duty to personally contact their potential client.

They also make arrangements when it’s necessary for one on one meetings at a specific place dictated by the client. UKV PLC is one of the companies that makes their dealings so easy, and they also have provision for the insurance, carriage and other costs for the delivery of stock. As their supplier, you have nothing to fear.

Equity First Holdings: A Lender with a Difference

In the midst of worries of potential worldwide financial problems, banks and most other financial establishments are tightening their regulations on borrowing. In addition to the fact that it is harder to secure the loan, it is even more costly because of the high financing costs and minimal low loan-to-value proportions. However, regardless of the doubt, Equity First Holdings is quickly turning into a main world lender.

Equity First Holdings was established in 2002 to lend to its customers using stocks as security in U.K. Throughout the years, it has extended to traverse in nine nations around the world, including Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong among others. EFH has been developing in fame with borrowers and to date, it has recorded more than 650 exchanges worth more than $1.4 billion.

Stock-Based Lending

It is quicker and easier to have the access of working loans if you stocks as security. EFH’s primary criteria when loaning out loans is assessing the present and probably future estimation of the customer’s stocks. In that capacity, necessities for capability are not the same number or difficult as those of other lenders and banks. Equity First Holdings is extraordinary within its lending services due to the following factors:

Interest rates are fixed

Equity First it’s familiar with its clients for fixed rates of interests on loans. The financial costs are additionally welcoming as they range between 3 and 4 percent. For customers, this brings the feeling of steadiness all through the reimbursement time frame despite of the economic fluctuations. More so, Equity First provides larger loan-to-value ratios as compared to other financial lenders. The proportion at present stands at 50 to 75 percent contrasted with banks’ proportions that range between 10 to 50 percent.

Non-purpose loans

Ordinarily, a loan is binding and liberating. You acquire respite from the financial challenges, yet you are bound with scheduled installments until the hanging arrears are cleared which is not the case with EFH.

Squaw Valley Issues a Statement

With restaurants on the mountain top still closed down until the issues with the water contamination are completely resolved, many people have wondered if the water at Squaw Valley is safe to drink.

In order to address these concerns, Liesl Kenney, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows’s Public Relations Director, released a statement. His intentions were to be perfectly clear and honest about what exactly happened, and what can be expected.

After freakish rainstorms, Squaw Valley was in need of a serious water system upgrade. They chose to implement this upgrade over the summer season and found that the contamination of both E. coli and coliform bacteria occurred during the upgrade.

Kenney went on to say that at no point was the contaminated water ever available to guests. And while he urges current and future guests against drinking the water until the contamination is completely gone, he also says that the resort offers free bottled drinking water to all guests who are affected by this.

The contamination only affected those at the High Camp and Gold Coast areas, and most of the resort is still quite functional.

Kenney says, “[Squaw Valley] will not return to [its] regular water usage at High Camp or Gold Coast until we are fully assured by health officials and other experts that the water is safe.” He went on to say that, “The safety of our customers is paramount to us.”

With much of the problem already taken care of, we’re left with no doubt that the resort will be fully functional again, soon.

Roberto Santiago Great Work in Art and Literature

In 1968, Roberto Santiago was conceived in Madrid and after joining the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Madrid he considered studying image and sound. Santiago is a screenwriter for TV programs, editorial chief for publicizing workplaces in Madrid, producer of video clasps and at present, he has published different types of books. One of the books is the Los Futbolísimos, a phenomenon that has ended up being one of the kids’ accumulations, and right now it can be found in the market in several dialects. His underlying novel, The Thief of lies, was among the shortlisted for the steamboat prize. Santiago was honored with the Edebé Children’s Literature Award with Jon and fear machine. At the Universidad Complutense, Santiago established literary tasks at the School of Letters of Madrid.

Roberto Santiago has formed and composed, different movies, among them is: The Longest Penalty Shot in the World – assigned for the Goya for Best Screenplay, The Suicide Club (established on the novel by Robert Stevenson), the Global coproduction Ivan’s dream (bolstered by Unicef for its children’s qualities), The End of Road (shot absolutely in St. James way), not deserting the Independent Horror Comedy Harvest (honored as the best film at the Festival of Terror Oregon). While his short Roulette partook in the official list of the Cannes Film Festival. Besides, Santiago worked like scriptwriter and executive in several television series.

In theater, Santiago formed Eight Basque surnames and The Other Side of the Bed – Telón Prize to the Author Revelation receptions. Santiago is likewise a screenwriter of various humor programs with Televisión Española. In addition, he has different published books which earned him different awards. Sometime back, he was a video and advertising clips director and come 1999, he organized the short film Ruleta, which shares within the Official Section of the Cannes Film Festival. While in 2000, Santiago coordinated and composed his first play – Share 38, which earned the Enrique Llovet Award for Best Theatrical Text of 1999. In 2001, Santiago came with an additional vast screen debut regarding the component film Happy Men in 2001. Santiago has wide aptitudes in composing and as a writer he figured out how to publish various kinds of books that touches children and youth among different fields. For example, the social affair of football and interest books (The Futbolísimos) that became a publishing phenomena and potential buyers can get it in various lingos.

Attorney and Litigator- Karl Heideck

Getting to know Karl HeideckLaw has a lot of legal terms which can be confusing but at the same time can have the same meaning. A Litigator is a person who has specialized in taking legal action against an individual or an organization. A litigator is responsible for addressing the entire case from the beginning to the end. A litigator manages the case from the ground meaning they start with the investigations. They are responsible for gathering every detail that can affect t the outcome of the case. A litigator advocates for a litigant for the best if their ability. A litigator can also act as a trial lawyer.

A litigator must attend law school to study law and achieve the title. They also must complete an undergraduate degree, Juris Doctor and pass the bar examination. To qualify and to be employed as a litigator, the experience varies from one employer to another. To be a litigator one has, to be honest, responsible, have both verbal and written knowledge, critical thinking, multi-tasking, have knowledge in Microsoft office and other legal relating software, and legal research.

Karl Heideck is a renowned litigatorKarl Heideck studied to become a litigator at Temple University who studied at Swarthmore College and earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2003. Karl Heideck is a go-getter, and he was very determined to be a licensed litigator, and he joined Templeton University Beasley School of Law, where he received a JD in 2009. Karl Heideck gained his experience while working as an Attorney in Philadelphia in filing complaints on behalf of customers and also responding to complaints.

Karl Heideck has been building a positive reputation in his home area of Pennsylvania. Mr. Karl Heideck has been working as a licensed litigator for more than seven years in Philadelphia, practicing general law. General Law comprises of criminal, litigation, real estate insurance, family, and business. Mr. Karl Heideck also practices private law.