Dr. David Samadi’s Advice on Facts About Menopause Every Woman Should Know

A woman becomes fertile in her early teens and then transits to menopause in her 40s or 50s. At this stage, she is no longer productive. Here are some important things every woman should know about menopause.

i. Time When Menopause Comes

In most cases, menopause occurs a woman is between 45 and 55 years old. Studies have shown that on average, most women experience menopause at 51. However, specific factors such as smoking or use of other chemicals have an impact on the age at which menopause will appear.

ii. Symptoms of Menopause

About 75% of women experience hot flashes during menopause. The experience can occur at any time of the day. Other symptoms are arthralgia and mood swings.

iii. Link Between Menopause and Heart Disease

Menopause is linked to various heart-related health conditions. This is mainly due to the reduced levels of estrogen which makes the arteries less flexible thereby impairing blood flow. At this stage, it is advisable for women to eat a well-balanced diet, become active, and avoid smoking.

iv. Menopause May Cause Weight Gain

Menopause is associated with changes in the levels of hormones in a woman. This causes her to gain weight. Choosing the right diet, doing exercises, and sleeping well can have a significant impact in controlling weight gain.

v. Managing the Symptoms

The severity of some menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes or the overall health of a person may force one to consider using hormone replacement to control the symptoms. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using this method. Not all women can use this way safely.

Who is Dr. David Samadi?

David Samadi is a prominent American celebrity doctor. His reach academic background has played an essential role in making him successful. He attended Roslyn High School between 1983 and 1984 and graduated with a bachelor of science. From 2000 to 2002, he attended Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for oncology. He has also studied robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

Work History

Dr. David was a volunteer at Stoney Brook Hospital’s emergency room from 1990 to 1994. He has also got a chance to work at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. At Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, he worked as the Vice Chair of Urology.

Dr. David Samadi has also worked at Fox News Channel for a long time. Since 2009, he has been a medical consultant for the company. He has also been a Fox News contributor. From 2011 he has been a contributor to the channel’s news health.

For more info: www.huffingtonpost.com/author/dr-david-samadi

Boraie Development Dreams Big in New Jersey

While the real estate market in New Jersey has been facing challenges in the past few years, market analysts are upbeat the situation is poised for the better. Many industry insiders who spoke with Philly Purge were mostly optimistic despite identifying a few huddles. The real estate industry in New Jersey for some time had one of the highest levels of mortgage foreclosures in the United States. This trend has seen the New Jersey market trail the rest of states. The good news, however, is that the trend is no longer holding true. Delinquent mortgages are decreasing, and foreclosures are declining.

Improving economic fundamentals in New Jersey such as high levels of employment, gains on property prices, and increased household formation have seen the foreclosures decline. This has encouraged analysts and developers to focus on other matters in the sector. The points the industry is seeking to address now include the availability of affordable housing, addressing housing shortages, and expanding markets.

As the macroeconomic environment was improving, housing permits were on the decline for some reason. The market at large still points towards a shortage of housing with demand even threatening to outstrip supply in the next few months. Newly developed properties are selling at fever pitch rate. Why then are new housing permits dropping? While this presents a puzzle for industry watchers, some economists are pointing their fingers towards clogged up real estate inventory. Expectations in the industry seem to point towards better terms in the future. While many property owners were willing to offer property at the current rates, almost an equal number are holding up for improved prices in the near future.

While the overall market in the state displayed zigzagging characteristics, many towns buoyed by the macroeconomic situation were clearly on the upward trend. Developers are therefore focusing on areas with potential and moving in full swing.

According to Patch, Boraie Development, for instance, has set its foot in New Brunswick. With the company’s competitive edge in raising capital, it has stepped up its investments in the town. Boraie Development’s expansive network of professionals, financial institutions, and contractors work in a seamless harmony to execute complicated projects in a matter of days. It also adopts a management strategy that sees it take responsibility for aspects of property administration, maintenance, and marketing. The strategy enables Boraie Development owned by Omar Boraie to establish long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders. Projects like Aspire, Spring Street and Albany Street are flagships designed to attract the working class to New Brunswick. Visit his website boraie.com

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People Who Want to Look Good and Honor Ethics Can Trust Fabletics

It can be a very uncomfortable feeling when one finds out that his favorite fashion retailer is getting items in ways that are less than ethical. This definitely leaves them in a bad position. For one thing, some people do have a need to express themselves through fashion. When they have become accustomed to impressing others as well as themselves with their sense of style and fashion, having to look for something that is half as stylish and more ethical than their old store can be very frustrating. Some people just go ahead and risk the judgmental fingers of their peers and go back to their old store.


Fortunately, there is a more ethical option for people who want to be stylish. This option is known as Fabletics, which is part of the TechStyle Group. This brand has been started by Kate Hudson who not only wanted stylish clothes for active wear but also wanted clothing that has been developed in humane environments. This brings into question the many different aspects of saving money. After all, most people that are looking for clothes do not have hundreds of dollars to spend. Therefore, a business model is very important when it comes to saving money.


Fortunately, the business model that they have decided on for Fabletics is the subscription model. There are different levels to this subscription model. A customer does not have to pay a fee in order to sign up. However, the savings are going to be a bit smaller for the free account. Also, paid membership gets a free outfit based on the choices made in the LifeStyle Quiz.


Fabletics is one of the easiest ways for women to find styles that they like. They can also come up with outfits that can make others envy them. Fabletics does not stop at the usual sizes of other fashion retailers. They actually make it a point to reach out to larger women with their all inclusive initiative which brings forth plus sized offerings for women who are a bit larger than most fashion stores sell sizes for. Fabletics is one of the more thoughtful stores in fashion.

Anthony Petrello- His work at Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the president as well as the chief executive officer of the leading oil and natural gas drilling company in the world. This is a company that he joined in 1991. This means that for over two decades, he has worked in management of the company. He is one of the people who has been instrumental in the growth of the company. He has watched every step the company has taken in the last two decades. This a time that the company has recorded monumental growth. In the history of this drilling giant which was established in 1962, never before has it ever been this successful. The tenure of the current Chief Executive Officer Anthony Petrello has seen the company reach new heights of growth. The process of growth started with the company acquiring some of the companies that were competing with it. This gave it a chance to expand its territory as well as provide more services to their clients.

Anthony Petrello has been the driving force behind this success, he has managed to sell the company to more countries in the world. Currently, the company is offering services in more than 25 countries. This is now a global company. It is not only offering services but it’s offering the best services in the world. No other company can come close to the services that are offered by Nabors Industries. It has set the pace in terms of drilling technology that is applied in the world.

Anthony Petrello has been brilliant all his life. He has been a mathematics genius who have excelled greatly in his professions. He holds a master in mathematics from the prestigious Yale University. After completing his mathematics degree, he did not take a career in being a mathematician. He shifted his base to another career. He left Yale University and joined Harvard School of Law. He graduated from this university with a Juris doctor, after his law studies, he joined the Baker & Mackenzie law firm in New York where he was working as a managing partner, he was able to bring in numerous clients to the law firm due to his brilliance in legal interpretation. Nabors industries was one of the companies that he serving as a lawyer. He dealt with taxation law and other business-related laws. He among the best lawyers that the country has seen.

Despite being this influential, Anthony Petrello left the law profession and joined Nabors industries as a business executive in charge of operations in the firm. His impact on the firm has been tremendous. The company has appreciated his efforts by making him the best-paid CEO in the country.

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How A Lifeline Screening Could Save Your Life

The point of a Lifeline Screening is to make sure they are able to catch things before they become serious. The screenings are more in-depth than the traditional tests that doctors will order. The Lifeline Screening process goes more in-depth and they can help their patients realize what they need to work on to make their health better. By looking at them from the inside out, Lifeline Screening is able to make the right decision on what is going on with their patients. They want to make sure they can help them with anything they need so they don’t have to worry about things in the future.

Before a patient goes to the screening, they should prepare for some things. Their representative will tell them exactly what they need to do, but they may need to fast for the blood test depending on what Lifeline Screening is going to do and what they are going to check with the blood. It is important patients follow the directions exactly so all their results will be accurate. If they don’t want to mess up their tests, patients should be careful of what they are doing on the day of the test and follow all the directions accurately.

Read more: How Life Line Screening Can Help You Lead a Healthier, Longer Life

Many patients may be concerned about what they are going to wear for the test. Lifeline Screening recommends that patients wear something that is comfortable. They will be in a variety of positions through the tests so they have to make sure they are prepared for them. Because Lifeline Screening knows what they need their patients to do, they recommend wearing a certain type of comfortable clothing. Patients can expect to move around the office while they are going through the screening so they will need to bring any mobility device they have to the appointment.

The point of the tests is to determine the health of each patient. Many people are concerned about their health but they feel their doctors are not ordering the right tests. Some doctors may even use Lifeline Screening to help them determine how healthy their patients are. Doctors who recommend Lifeline Screening know what they are talking about since the screening process can go more in-depth than what most lab tests are able to do. For these people, the screening is an important part of their health and what they will be able to do in the future if they are healthy.

Learn more about Lifeline Screening: http://releasefact.com/2017/09/life-line-screening-tells-you-what-you-need-to-know/

Creativity is King For Entrepreneurs like Sawyer Howitt

Entrepreneurs are faced with a unique challenge when it comes to success. This is nowhere near the same world as the world of the employee. For one thing, the employee has it a lot easier than he realizes. For the entrepreneur, he has to come up with all of the ideas and find out the best business model for his success. He also needs to know himself and all that he can handle so that he will be able to make the best type of success in his career. This includes knowing his passions and pursuing them to the best of his ability.

Fortunately, there is someone who can give him advice on what he can do in order to maximize his chances at success. This advice comes from entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt. He brings a lot of clarity to people in what they can do in order to have success working for themselves. One thing Sawyer Howitt addresses is the mindset that is required for success. According to Sawyer, there is a difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur. Even though a business owner can be an entrepreneur and vice versa, they are not one in the same. Sawyer outlines the differences between the two.

One difference between the entrepreneur and the business owner is that of mindset. Someone who is an entrepreneur enjoys what he is doing and is always willing to work on his projects. It rarely if ever feels like work. Meanwhile, the business owner is going to feel like he is working and is more likely to burn out on what he is doing. One major advantage that an entrepreneur has over others is that he has a lot of energy to be creative. This can help bring about more profits and encouragement from others.

Sawyer Howitt is one of the most promising entrepreneurs of this generation given that he is a young person and has already achieved a lot more than people twice his age has achieved. He also has a lot of wisdom and humility which is coming into style because of its recognition. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sawyer-h-535664137

Bridget Scarr Changing the World Positively Using Content

Bridget Scarr is a famous creative producer, and a writer from the U.K. Bridget is talented in developing compelling content for her audience. She creates content from digital content to augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive exhibition. She has a large number of audiences who are always moved by her content both emotionally and intellectually.


Moreover, Bridget Scarr is a seasoned Executive Producer with more than a decade experience in the production of animation, advertising, and television. Across some productions she has worked with, Bridget has managed to increase the creative, technical output of teams from 5 to 220. In the productions spanning children’s animation, lifestyle, entertainment, factual entertainment programming, and drama, she has been responsible for overseeing the creative development.


Currently, Bridget works at Colibri Studios where she heads partnerships and content development strategy. At Colibri Studios, Bridget is involved in daily activities relating to development and also collaborates with project partners, international broadcasters, and creative talent to bring the company’s content top in the industry. Previously, she worked as a TV producer meaning she mainly brought other people’s ideas to life. When she decided to transform into the creative and development aspects creating content according to her thoughts, the concept of Colibri Studios was born. According to Bridget Scarr, Colibri brings all her ideas under one umbrella.


To be a successful entrepreneur, Bridget believes in the power of meditation to arrange all your daily objectives together. Her ideas are always brought to life depending on the project at hand. For example for an augmented reality project which permits users to connect to the history of people who lived it. The idea comes from the questions and urge of current people who wish to know about their roots. To work on such a project, she does an active research and finds a library to provide a reliable story. It might take months or even years from ideation to project completion.


Bridget Scarr advises younger people eliminate fear, believe in God-given gifts and yourself. In 2008, Bridget Scarr partnered with Graeme Carr and established Pollen, their first visual effect, animation, and post-production firm. Pollen has worked hard that is among the leading companies in technology, entertainment, and media group industry. Moreover, Scarr also is a managing director of Hummingbird Group, a holding firm of Hey! Fever, Hive, and Apiary content firms. Creating compelling content is an objective Bridget always has because she believes content can change mindsets of people. Therefore, she works to develop positive content.


Visit http://bridgetscarr.com/ to learn more about Bridget Scarr.

“Equities First Holdings Loan Company”

Brief overview of Equities First Holdings

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings provide security based lending opportunities for both big businesses and private investors. Offering people investment solutions and providing capital against trading stock. In order for others to meet their own personal and business goals. Completing hundreds of transactions with a totaling billions of dollars. Equities First Holdings has numerous offices worldwide. such as, in Australia, Japan, UK, China, and the United States. Becoming one of the most successful business institutes on a global scale.Expanding yearly to keep up with the demand of their clients.

How the Process Works

The customer places a request for the loan along with providing their collateral information. After receiving it, Equities First Holdings comes up with a decision on which terms to apply to your loan. Determining what the fixed interest rate is going to be. Then after signing over your stock to the company, the collateral goes into a custodial account. Next they transfer shares and the loan payment into your personal account. To know more about the company click here.

Richard Mishaan Design’s Enchanting work of Arts

Richard Mishaan Design is a company as well as a brand owned by Richard Mishaan. The firm has remained among the best architectural firms in the world for over 25 years. Richard is an exceptional and respected interior designer globally with designs that are beyond beauty. Mr. Mishaan is involved with both residential and commercial projects because clients trust in Richard to create attractive designs. Richard Design has managed to remain on most lists at the top positions together with Richard Mishaan. Richard holds an impressive reputation because of his elegant, classy, and fascinating designs. His work always leaves people amazed with no words to best describe the whole collection.


Richard Design is dedicated to keep their work of art trending for them to remain relevant in the architectural sector. The company has numerous styles they engage in such as Art Deco, Rococo, Mid-Century Modern and much more. The fact that Richard always incorporates his style with the other ones makes his designs unique and incredible. Richard Design is recognized for its exceptional creations, and this is the reason the company’s arts are always trending. People are satisfied and happy when they deal with Richard Mishaan and the beautiful designs and more information click here.


Richard developed the passion for arts when he was young and could find different buildings in Columbia captivating. Richard is Columbian and was raised in the area. The beautiful and colorful place inspired Richard to become an architect. To achieve his dream, Richard went to Columbia University School of Architecture and then joined the New York University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. Mr. Mishaan’s career began at the offices of Philip Johnson. He worked as an apprentice. Richard worked on many projects until he started his company in 1991. Richard is also known for mixing the current designs with the vintage ones; an aspect that sets his company apart from any other and learn more about Richard Mishaan.

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Vincent Parascandola: Helping People Secure their Financial Future

Vincent Parascandola is currently the senior executive vice president at AXA US where he is responsible for the growth and development of the company’s financial professionals in Central New Jersey. His key roles include maintaining profit margins, ensuring sales growth, and recruiting and training new advisors at the company. Prior to taking up his current role, Parascandola worked as the chief sales officer and president at the AXA Equitable’s Continental Division. Other roles he held while at AXA Equitable (a subsidiary of AXA Financial Inc.) include president of the Northern Division, president of the Advantage Group, and as executive vice president of AXA Equitable.

Previous Work Experience

Before joining AXA, Vincent Parascandola worked at MONY Group where he held different positions: managing director, sales manager, and financial professional. He was also once an agent with Prudential Insurance and a systems analyst at Irving Trust Company. Parascandola attended the Lubin School of Business at Pace University for his BS in Computer Science. He is skilled in financial services, asset management, retirement planning, estate planning, and life insurance strategies. Additionally, he holds an industries securities registration and is subject to FINRA and SEC oversight.

Awards Received

Throughout his career spanning over two decades, Parascandola has stood for excellence. While at Prudential Insurance, he was named the national Rookie of the year. He has also been honored with many management awards such as the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. He is a member of GAMA and is recognized as a sought-after speaker due to his knowledge and experience in the financial sector. Additionally, Parascandola is of the school of thought that it is never too early or too late to start planning for retirement.

About AXA US

According to Rocket Reach, AXA US has been in existence since 1859 and has since then helped clients and families attain financial security. The firm is a leading provider of retirement strategies, employee benefits, life insurance and advisory services. AXA US has its headquarters in New York but has other offices in Syracuse, Charlotte, and New Jersey. Additionally, the firm’s retail arm has at least 43 branches across the US, and its non-banking assets are valued at 1.5 trillion dollars. The mission of the company is to build long-lasting relationships within the communities it operates in while helping clients prepare for their financial future.

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