Image Recognition: What It Is, and How it Affects You

Image recognition is a visual search engine technology that you maybe have heard of, but you most likely have yet to use in your day to day life. If you are unaware of what “Image Recognition” technology is, then let’s start with that.

Image recognition is a technology that identifies different types of images, specifically, it is used to identify objects, logos, places, people, etc. Image recognition can and has been used to do a reverse search of an item. For example, it has been used to sort objects, such as produce in grocery stores. Also, it can be used to initiate a search of the subject image.The idea of being able to snap an image of an item you like while walking down the street, then being able to search where you can buy it, or find out what it is, seems unrealistic. However, it is not, the future is here.

Image recognition technology has multiple types of objects that are required to be identifiable in order for you, the user, to fully benefit. Items can be categorized as a code (i.e. barcode or QR code). If an item/picture does not have a code then it can be a picture (i.e. billboard or printed material). All, other objects are considered real world images or a 3D image of a physical item of interest.

Those three categories of image recognition must be met for a successful company in the image recognition industry, and Slyce has built the best Image Recognition technology in the market. Using the Slyce technology, a user can snap a picture of an object, then Slyce determines the category of the object (Code, Picture, or 3D Real World Image). The image data is fully recognized and analyzed, then Slyce provides the user results within 15 seconds.

Do not worry about waiting for the future, because it is here, with Slyce. The leader of Image Recognition.

How Martin Lustgarten Succeeded In Investment Banking

Investment banking is a special branch of banking in which the financial institutions offer capital to companies, government or any other entity seeking to make investments. The financial institutions involved in providing the capital are called investment banks. The highly-trained professionals tasked with running the investment banks are referred to as investment bankers.


Investment banks are involved in various activities that include underwriting of new debt and securities, providing assistance in the sale of securities, facilitation of mergers and acquisitions, brokering trades as well as reorganizations. The banks serve both institutional as well as private investors. These institutions are also key in providing guidance regarding the issue and placement of stock to issuers.


When talking about investment banks, a few names come to mind. The first is Goldman Sachs, the largest investment bank in the country. Others include Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and America Merrill Lynch. Investment banks have over the years been helping their clients in handling large and complicated financial transactions. They provide advice on the current worth of a company and the best structure to use when considering a merger, acquisition or sale.


When it comes to management of large projects, corporations, governments and other groups turn to the expertise of investment bankers to identify the risks that the clients may face should they decide to move ahead with the project. This will end up saving time and money for the client. With the knowledge that investment bankers possess on the economic climate, they are able to offer recommendations that are tailored to fit the current state of affairs.


Among the experts charged with such a responsibility is Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is a successful and much sought-after investment banker. His successful career has seen him turn into a successful entrepreneur with his own firm, Lustgarten, Martin.


Martin Lustgarten has won the hearts of his clients with the transparency with which he conducts his business. His exceptional leadership has seen the company continue to grow and perform well. His personal interaction with his employees leads to greater productivity.

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The Revival of Status Labs

Status Labs, a company ran out of Austin, Texas, specializes in maintaining positive reputations of companies that hires them, but in 2015, the company suffered from its own negative reputation. A former executive, via actions he committed outside of his role at Status Labs, sent the company into a downward spiral. The company began in 2012 and has since then assisted over one-thousand businesses who have had negative media coverage. The irony of the situation is unquestionable, considering the goal of the company is to assist other companies in bettering their reputation.


The company began the process of bouncing back from the negative press by calling for the resignation of the executive in question. Soon after the resignation, the company’s public relations team sent a team photo and a letter to the media, and followed up by making themselves more locally recognizable. Darius Fisher, President & Co-founder of Status Labs, knew that this would not be enough. The next step in raising public image was taking care of his employees. Changes to the day-to-day operations of the company initiating a stock-option plan for employees and allowing their pets to accompany them into the offices. Darius Fisher admits that these may be small changes, but as a whole he believes it is a way to bring his employees closer to the company itself.


Darius Fisher, before founding Status Labs, graduated from Vanderbilt University. Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter until 2012 when he started his own company, Status Labs, a company that specializes in assisting other companies with their online reputation.


PRWeek is a magazine for the industry of public relations. The magazine has been in print for 24 years, and honored Darius Fisher with its Innovation 50 title. The magazine cited him as an innovator to the field and credited him for his success despite the companies controversial past. Darius joined other recipients such as Kristine Fasnacht, community leader of Reddit and Callan Green of L’Oreal with his resignation by PRWeek as a truly innovative member of the PR world.

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