EOS: Innovative Lip Care

When it comes to lip care, it’s a rather serious matter, especially with the colder weather approaching. Choosing the right lip balm to ensure a smooth, soft lips all winter can be quite the challenge. You’ll want the best ingredients, preferably natural and less medicated. You’ll also want to find a lip care that is a decent price, and one you can depend on being affordable and effective all season long. While you already know about the original Chapstick brand, Aveeno and Blistex, you may not be all that familiar with a newer brand called Evolution of Smooth or EOS.

EOS is a brand of lip and hand care that is made of natural ingredients and known to be packed with nutritious ingredients. These formulas are hypoallergenic, animal cruelty free, gluten-free and approved by dermatologists. The best part? They’re found in most drugstores and stores like Target and Walmart nationwide for approximately $3! They’re also available online from retailers ulta.com and Racked.com. You don’t need to break the bank for good lip care with EOS and they come in delicious scents like strawberry sorbet.

No need to stress about lip care rhis winter because EOS is great for anyone and proven to work on making your lips soft and smooth. They come assorte din cute little round spheres and are easy to apply. They stand out in a crowd of your average lip products. Don’t waste any time though- time to stock up for the cold months ahead! Visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ for more info.

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Hipster-Vibe University Students Cash In on Farm-to-Table Trend

Necessity truly is the mother of all invention – and herein lies the story of three Georgetown University undergraduates who craved a healthier, tastier and youth-oriented, off-campus dining choice. According to a BloombergPursuits.com article, what began as one salad bar start-up in 2007, SweetGreen, has grown to 31 restaurants nationwide. From an ingrained work ethic based on discipline, along with a notion that healthy living – not just nutritious food, had become a deep-rooted value in their demographic, only inflamed the desire and ambition of these men to steer far away from a traditional institutional career and look towards a life-enhancing, vibe-generating, healthy-eating restaurant venture.


Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman have not only found the sweet spot of salad bistro-style restaurants but has also successfully conveyed their vision through three rounds of venture capital fundraising. The Washington-based start-up garnered $95 million by pitching a set of values that embraces the food they serve, how they run the business in the back office, treating employees as ‘team members’, a community-oriented mission, and most of all, making healthy food hip, desirable – even sexy. The right combination of lettuce, dressing, healthy accompaniments and a hipster ambience has all contributed to the success of the high-end salad chain.


CEO and Co-Founder, Nathaniel Ru acknowledges the three men’s tech background has proved valuable as the company’s website and mobile app account for 30% of all transactions. Sweetgreen’s placed an initial strategic emphasis on what Millenials know and do best, that is online interactions. With Ru’s input, employee management strategy has reversed the Google-styled office production strategies and replaced it with decentralized headquarters and ensuring that all office employees break five times per year to take a role in working directly in a restaurant. One key piece of advice Nathaniel offers for entrepreneurs is to hire capable staff to delegate workload as soon as it becomes possible. Avoiding burnout and having time to read books can be just as valuable to building a company as putting in 16-hour shifts.


Creating a high-end salad chain restaurant takes skill in cultivating the right people. Nathaniel Ru continues to believe that merging good food with technology is the right way to add to sustainable living while serving delicious and nutritious food options. His motto ‘Everything you do, should last longer than you’, is what keeps him focused on that initial vision of living better – for himself and others.