What Businesses Should Understand About Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the process of overseeing and controlling the reputation of a business. Most mentions posted online about different businesses do not reflect what the company would call positive publicity, and that explains the reason most companies have been looking for ways to manage their online reputation. Failure to embrace the right strategies for managing online reputation could lead to losses should customers get wooed by the mentions to shun the products offered by a company.

However according to onlinereputationreviews.com research, what few understand is the right procedures they should embrace to make the process easier and successful. There are few methods of managing and boosting the reputation of a business that don’t even require you to invest large amounts of money to execute.

Responsiveness to issues

Customers are impatient beings and would rather move to the next company than keep sending messages to inquire about a single issue. A single negative mention and the whole world will get to learn about the bad side of the business. One of the worst realities is that bad publicity is likely to stay fixed in people’s minds that the good things about a business, so working on keeping the reputation of your business clean is something that should never be overlooked.

The time you take to offer solutions to issues would determine how the public will view your business. It is advisable to ensure your support team is equipped with the latest technology that allows them to answer queries in time. The feedback offered should also be relevant to the needs of customers and should strive to remain relevant to what the company offers as well as its promise for the future, explains a FOX News article.

Additionally, using measures that would suppress your competitors is not the wisest thing you can think about when managing online mentions. Instead, you should try to concentrate on winning customers over and keeping them engaged through quality submissions. Offering good services and responding to complaints positively will only work to raise your reputation and more potential customers will convert once they get to learn about the progress.




An Outline of the Lovaganza’s Highly Awaited Global Festival

Lovaganza has officially announced a bohemian adventure -inspired festival. When interviewed, the organizers said that the festival would bring together people from different cultures and celebrate their diversity. Everyone who attends will watch thrilling movies that display some of the most exciting places on earth. The organizers of Lovaganza also mentioned that the festival would draw from ancient Cinema festivals – meaning to offer insights on the world’s past, current and future cultures.

Debut Date

The worldwide festival is set for May to September 2020. This will give Lovaganza enough time to prepare material that will be showcased when the festival kicks off. Plans are underway for the festival to be hosted in eight different locations across the globe. This includes Africa, Europe, and Asia. These locations were chosen based on the diversity of culture practiced by their natives. The organizers said that they chose eight global locations for the festival to promote minority culture groups on lovaganza.com. They also mentioned that despite the diversity in culture, people should strive to promote unity.

Lovaganza had previously made plans for the event to take place in 2015. After a series of decision-making processes, they decided to reschedule it for 2020 at http://lovaganza.tumblr.com/. They wanted the event to be based on contemporary and emerging trends in both entertainment and technology. The four-month festival will feature entertainment sets from diverse artists.

Lovaganza 2020 Preliminaries

Before the festival begins, there will be a traveling show in 2017. The primary goal of the traveling show is to market the Lovaganza 2020 festival through motion pictures and 3D glass technologies. Fans will watch motion pictures displaying the beauty of the world. Currently, filming for the traveling show has already started in Spain and France. Other areas that will also be filmed include India and parts of Africa. The most exciting part of the festival is that fans can stay updated on the latest developments by browsing the Lovaganza official website.

Lovaganza’s Organizational Structure

Lovaganza is an international renowned events company classified into two protocols. The first nonprofit division is known as the Lovaganza foundation. This organization funds local and international charities that support culture, education, veteran affair, and poverty eradication. The Lovaganza Foundation will officially be launched in 2018. Its foundational mission will be to create a powerful philanthropic movement comprised of nonprofits that aim at making the world safe. The second division called the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise – solely relies on revenue generated from entertainment events. It organizes both local and international festivities themed on culture and entertainment.

Education Reform Is A Legacy Dick DeVos Can Be Proud Of

Dick DeVos has been one of the world’s premier education reform activists in my opinion since he began looking to the future of education for children in his home state of Michigan over three decades ago. In an interview I read with Dick’s wife Betsy the education reform specialist explained the interest the couple share in education reform came about when they were touring schools during the childhood of their own children; the article from Philanthropy Roundtable explained to me the concern the couple share for education reform is based in their own experiences talking with parents who were struggling to send their own children to Potter’s Christian School just outside the DeVos family hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I understand the reasons behind the couple’s interest in education reform a little more after reading the interview with Betsy DeVos, and appreciate the fact the couple based their early reform efforts in Michigan before expanding further across the U.S. Although I would not look at Dick and Betsy DeVos and view them as radicals in their political beliefs the bipartisan assistance they have created for education reform has seen them labeled as such after their more than 30 year attempts to improve education in the U.S.


Education plays a key role in the work of Dick DeVos, but as in his business choices the Michigan based investor is not willing to limit himself to a single area of philanthropic giving. I myself have a deep love of the arts and was pleased to read on the Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos that he has worked closely with the Kennedy Center for the Arts for a number of years to help fund some of the most important programs in the U.S. DeVos has funded an arts management center at the Kennedy Center and provided funding for Kennedy Center sponsored programs in his own hometown of Grand Rapids. I have also been impressed with the way Dick DeVos has put the needs of international students at the top of his own list of priorities with a scholarship program targeted at students from developing nations wishing to study at the Thunderbird School of Business Management.