A Glance in the Life of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has made a name for himself as the chief executive officer of Televisa, which is a Spanish media company that distributes media content in Mexico, the United States, and 50 other Countries worldwide. It offers its services through cable operators, television networks, and pay-tv brands. Under the leadership of Mr. sanchez, the company continues to enjoy immense success as it has a big market with a high demand for their services.

To be a CEO of any company it is evident that there are a great track record and personal achievements that one carries. Porfirio has a list of accomplishments that have led to his success in the business world. With a notable involvement in the Institute for software research at Carnegie Mellon University, a degree from Standford and a BS in Applied mathematics from ITAM, Porifirio has gotten the best education that has helped in his career growth.

Having worked in the field of advertising, television, telecommunications, broadcasting and media and entertainment he has developed experience that has enabled him to reach greater heights. Through his developments in Televisa, the company has accumulated a revenue of around $10 billion and a capability of hiring over 10000 employees. The decision to select Porifirio as the CEO was in a bid to improve Televisas proposal to its customers and to enable a better and increased range of the information channels. Prior to becoming the CEO, Sanchez was the director of special projects for over eight years. His strategy to bring in more markets, audiences, and advertisers have vastly improved the company and contributed to its popularity.

Porfirio is a perfect example of what it takes to be the great successful businessman. Despite being born and raised in a village in Mexico, the 39-year-old has overcome all hurdles in life to become one of the greatest CEO the media world has seen. Through his connection with Stanford, he has continued to give back to the school projects, as he believes hard education work and passion has contributed to his achievements. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is an inspiration to other business people as he his meticulous and practical business practices has frequently been mentioned in various publications.


Origin of Kabbalah Center

Many have been left wondering why most of the Hollywood celebrities have been interested in the Jewish theology and have joined Kabbalah Center for studies. Madonna was the first American star to join the religion and she went further to participate in the center as she studied before being followed by others including; Britney Spears, the late Sammy Davis, Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Bernhard and the late Elizabeth Tailor. When interviewed by magazines such as Britain’s More magazine, and Los Angeles Times most of them like Sandra mentioned that Kabbalah teachings helped them to eliminate 80% of their chaos in life. Paris Hilton was also quick to say that after her break up with Nick Carter he went to one of the Kabbalah Centers in Los Angeles and there she was given a red bracelet and later her through the teachings her heart found comfort. Nevertheless not all Hollywood stars joined the center for the purpose of peace and comfort, instead, some of them like Sammy Davis only wanted to be a part of the old history and acquire something that was not material and learn more about Kabbalah.

Kabbalah Center is an organization which became in 1922. The Center was founded to protect the Jewish spiritualism for the future generation. The center is a non-profit organization which is located in Los Angeles, California and has been under the leadership of its Director Phillip Berg and his wife Karen Berg. The ancient Jewish center offers its teaching online and through its city-based locations. Kabbalah Center comprises of international teachers and expertise of the Jewish religion that assist the students through the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre was established in 1965 in the United States of America. The center began as a National Research Institute of Kabbalah by its founders Phillip Berg. In 1984 the Los Angeles Centre was founded being directed by Karen and Michael. Kabbalah Center has been expanding ever since its creations and the Kabbalistic teachings are being taught all over the world with the major branches in locations including; New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London. The primary purpose of Kabbalah teachings is to give the world God’s unseen knowledge and read full article.

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How Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Ever Catch Up to Amazon?

When you are comparing any company to that of Amazon, you have to look at how far from the rest of the pack this clothing giant really is. Amazon is in a very competitive fashion e-commerce market, and they still are dominating by bringing in well over 20 percent of all the sales in this space. Now as scary as that may be for the thousands of clothing companies in that space, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been cruising right along and pulling in around $250 million in sales of women’s workout clothing in a little under three years.


Talk to Hudson about the success of this athleisure brand, you will discover that it has to do with membership perks and her unique reverse showrooming technique. Take a look at how things are taking place over at the Fabletics store inside the mall. This is not your typical women’s clothing store, you will not find sales associates pushing hard to move merchandise, instead, this is one of the most relaxed buying atmospheres in the mall. Women are trying on all the latest workout apparel, they are window-shopping when the new styles of active-wear arrive, they are even taking the lifestyle quiz to help enhance their membership benefits.


The key to the success of this brand in a very competitive fashion e-commerce market takes place at the Fabletics online store. Now since these women have been shopping at the mall store and trying everything on, they will discover all those items have been uploaded to their online account so they are now able to continue shopping exactly where they left off inside the mall. Now since the concern about a piece of active-wear fitting correctly has been eliminated from the equation, these women break out the credit card and start filling the online cart with everything from leggings to tank tops.


Membership perks for these Fablectics customers also includes free shipping on those online orders, discounted pricing for the workout apparel, and your very own shopping assistant. The assistant looks at your quiz answers and picks a piece of apparel each month that they thing you will love. The perks and the pampering are all par for the course at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Amazon may have to start paying closer attention to this workout clothing company because they seem to be growing year after year with their sights on a bigger piece of the pie.

Bruno Fagali: Fighting The Corruption Problem Of Brazil

Brazil has a lot of things to be proud of – their people, their biodiversity, their natural wonders, their culture and their history. However, despite these gems that Brazil has been promoting, the country’s corruption problem still takes the spotlight. Corruption is one of Brazil’s major problems, and it has been around since the formation of the state. It has been rooted deep into their society that sometimes, the problem is just ignored. However, a number of individuals and organizations are taking a stand against this problem and doing their best in order to eradicate it away from the Brazilian Society.

One of the key reformers in this field is Bruno Fagali, a lawyer with good reputation and passion for change. His professionalism and integrity are just some of his positive characteristics, and he is eager to remove the practice of corruption from the mind of the Brazilians. He proposed a system called the departmental integrity drive, which aims to provide transparency with the transactions happening between the government and private firms. He established the FAGALI advocacy to solely focus on this matter, and as of today, it is proven to be effective as corruption instances are slowly decreasing. The FAGALI advocacy is also responsible in addressing issues with the society, and to provide equality among each other.

Aside from his stint as one of the key persons in the FAGALI advocacy firm, Bruno Fagali is also serving as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB, one of Brazil’s most prominent advertising firms. Nova/SB is a media company and an advertising firm that produces campaigns coming from the local government and from international organization and groups. One of their main clients is the World Health Organization, and they are becoming a channel in order for WHO to inform the public about health issues. Nova/SB has been working with Bruno Fagali to create and look after their ethics committee. He is responsible for the establishment of the company’s corporate integrity program, and he is advocating that Nova/SB should give equal between the management and their employees. Bruno Fagali is also responsible for sharing the corporate integrity program with Nova/SB’s satellite offices located in different locations throughout Brazil.

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