Bruno Fagali: Fighting The Corruption Problem Of Brazil

Brazil has a lot of things to be proud of – their people, their biodiversity, their natural wonders, their culture and their history. However, despite these gems that Brazil has been promoting, the country’s corruption problem still takes the spotlight. Corruption is one of Brazil’s major problems, and it has been around since the formation of the state. It has been rooted deep into their society that sometimes, the problem is just ignored. However, a number of individuals and organizations are taking a stand against this problem and doing their best in order to eradicate it away from the Brazilian Society.

One of the key reformers in this field is Bruno Fagali, a lawyer with good reputation and passion for change. His professionalism and integrity are just some of his positive characteristics, and he is eager to remove the practice of corruption from the mind of the Brazilians. He proposed a system called the departmental integrity drive, which aims to provide transparency with the transactions happening between the government and private firms. He established the FAGALI advocacy to solely focus on this matter, and as of today, it is proven to be effective as corruption instances are slowly decreasing. The FAGALI advocacy is also responsible in addressing issues with the society, and to provide equality among each other.

Aside from his stint as one of the key persons in the FAGALI advocacy firm, Bruno Fagali is also serving as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB, one of Brazil’s most prominent advertising firms. Nova/SB is a media company and an advertising firm that produces campaigns coming from the local government and from international organization and groups. One of their main clients is the World Health Organization, and they are becoming a channel in order for WHO to inform the public about health issues. Nova/SB has been working with Bruno Fagali to create and look after their ethics committee. He is responsible for the establishment of the company’s corporate integrity program, and he is advocating that Nova/SB should give equal between the management and their employees. Bruno Fagali is also responsible for sharing the corporate integrity program with Nova/SB’s satellite offices located in different locations throughout Brazil.