Getting Concerts In With Securus Video Calls

Securus video calls are really great for people who are trying to help inmates not miss too much. Missing a lot of what happens on the outside can happen a lot, but now people are being told that they can catch the concerts and events that they would miss. There are many people who are using Securus like I am to make sure that kids can have their parents see their concerts and other events. They do all that hard work, and they want to make sure that everyone sees it.


Securus has created a really nice app that works on the phone and tablet, and I have taken kids to concerts with the tablet going to show the inmates the concerts. The inmates sit down to watch these concerts, and they are given a chance to see what is happening when they are on the inside. These inmates have rights as parents, and I think that we are helping them better than ever before because now kids can be seen while they are doing the concerts and other production work that people usually miss out on while they are in prison.


Someone who is in prison needs to have someone on the outside who will place the calls with Securus, and they need to remember that it is very easy to use the app. I use the app almost every day to help kids, and I have brought it to concerts with no problem. I have had kids playing their instruments or singing into the app in their homes, and I think that it is important that parents get to see these things. It is a very good incentive for them to be able to change their lives while they are in jail, and they will know what is waiting for them when they are released.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

George Soros Has Economic Competition from Philip Diehl

Although George Soros is known in the investment community as the leading progressive investor in the United States, he now has some conservative competition from U.S. Money Reserve.

According to Crunchbase and Glassdoor, The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) has named U.S. Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl as the president of their organization. U.S. Money Reserve helps sell gold and silver assets to the common man, as a way to protect assets against the careless financial behavior of the current U.S. government.

Diehl highly values creating a favorable atmosphere for gold and silver companies to compete and sell their wares. Diehl worked to fight against a Minnesota law that made it hard for businessmen to sell their products to customers. Diehl is also a former director for the United State Mint, so he has vast experience about the government perspective for the regulation of precious metals.

George Soros profits from making risky hedge fund bets. He sees that companies are soon going to decline, and then bets against them. Diehl, by contrast, thinks that it is more important to hold assets that are stable and long term. Gold and silver are prime examples.

Although the paper value of the Soros fortune may be far more than the typical gold and silver investor, if the economy of the United States ever crashes, gold and silver will still be just as valuable then as it is now. Not true with corporate and government bonds and stocks, which are Soros’ financial life blood. As director of ICTA, Diehl is going to try to help the reputation of precious metals gain a makeover in the U.S.

A lot of modern economists scoff at the idea of using gold and silver, but they were valued as monetary units until very recent history. The market economists and their political stooges lose sleep whenever the economy takes a nosedive. Not so with the wise precious metals investor.

He chuckles as he views his glittery stash in the safe. No matter what the price level of the paper market, he has something that has been valued for millennia as a store of value.

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Will JustFab’s Expansion Satisfy Fashionable Consumers?

The latest round of funding for Just Fab has been cited by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as the weight that tipped the scale over the $1 billion dollar figure. JustFab has been the fastest-growing fashion website in recent times, but their company is planning to expand as much as possible.

This article covers rumors of an IPO, a new CFO and new shopping choices. Subscriptions are JustFab are growing, and their marketing is attracting the most discerning of fashion customers.

#1: Why Is JustFab Popular?

JustFab has steadily grown in popularity since their founding, and the company offers female shoppers clothing that is quite difficult to find elsewhere. Shoppers may subscribe to the JustFab plan that provides clothing attuned to the customer’s style, or customers may shop the catalog as-normal. Learn more about JustFab:

#2: Who May Shop At JustFab?

JustFab has a broad appeal that other clothing warehouses do not possess. Their website offers a wealth of shopping options for customers that include accessories. The fashionable woman may purchase anything and everything they need to look stylish at JustFab, and the website offers prices that are competitive with any other company.

#3: How Much May JustFab Expand?

JustFab may choose to expand quite a lot over the course of the next several years, but their expansion must include further capital funding. An IPO would help the company quite a lot, and they have hired a CFO who has experience with IPOs.

The company does not plan to rush into any decisions, but they do plan to keep moving forward. JustFab may yet have enough cash for future acquisitions given their current plans. Learn more about JustFab:

The JustFab website has become an Internet sensation that sells clothing and accessories to all-comers. Their company is funded quite well, and they are making strategic decisions that will offer a brighter future.

Sanjay Shah Builds Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is the creator of Solo Capital. The company is an institution that is based out of England. His company started in 2011 and has since been headquartered in London. Sanjay’s company has changed significantly since it was created on a very positive level. Shah decided to leave his accounting career in North London shortly before he created Solo Capital. He was previously working for a finance company and was focusing on accounting jobs. He did not want to work in finance because it was not enjoyable for him. Shah had to travel every morning and evening in order to get to his job, which was a waste of his time. He would often sit in his offer for ten hours or more, doing work that he did not enjoy. Shah felt like it was time for him to quit his accounting career for good and focus on creating Solo Capital.

Shah started off building his business in a tiny room. This was the beginning of a business that would end up becoming incredibly successful. He has since then owned several different businesses all over the world. Shah was not native to the United Kingdom. He was born in Kenya and relocated when he was a little boy by the choice of his parents. He deiced to start off in the medical career, which did not last for a long time because he realized it was not something he wanted to do. He has not earned enough money that he consider himself a retired man. He is now a British millionaire at the age of 43 years old.

Sanjay Shah has also created an organization in support of his autistic son. Autism rocks is a group of awareness that has been spread across the world. He work in Solo Capital gave him the guidance he needed to create such a successful organization that focuses on helping others. Shah has helped many people with business success and continues to build his business and create a positive reputation for himself.


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Devos Charity Continues To Provide Dedicated Leadership Throughout Our Nation

The Dick & Betsy Family Foundation serves as a prompt for associate businesses that place global and local neighborhoods for growth and stability. With almost 500 demands for help every year a generous amount of capital is received by those associates who are in close relation to the foundation. Many receivers in these organizations are long- term partners of Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and the Dick and generally, five to ten of these corporations obtain service yearly.

Dick DeVos has spent his time as an executive leader at Amway. He also obtained and lead the NBA’s Orlando Magic Team and served as president for The Windquest Group.

As Leader of Amway from 1993 to 2002, DeVos kept his obligation for several areas of the the country which includes in 50 states and 6 continents. In his closing fiscal-year of support, Amway increased it’s revenue of $4.5 million as a result of his leadership for the company’s procedures.

Under his leadership, the company approached new opportunities and it’s domestic sales increased by tripling it’s income for the first-time while in the history of the company. DeVos became CEO and President of Orlando’s Magic Team in 1991 in which he and his family served and guided the team for three years.

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DeVos has been dedicated to being a leader in a wide array of community campaigns. He began the Training Freedom Fund, which granted over 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged kids in Michigan. This High School West-Michigan Flight seeks to offer a demanding instructional program through an aircraft emphasis), and has also served on the State Board of Education.  Dick Devos has managed various Grand Rapids locations such as downtown revitalization and regional health care improvements including a $212M convention facility, a $130M hospital, a $90M medical university and a $30M Downtown Market. He was the candidacy choice for Governor of Michigan in 2006. His Newyork Times best seller, “Rediscovering America’s Values” is available to the nation in seven different languages.

DeVos is a professional aircraft pilot with an expertise in flying jets and helicopters. He is also a two time National Winner sailor as well as a scholar of University University. DeVos has-been committed to the Betsy King for 35 years plus they will have five grandkids and seven kids. He remains devoted to communities across the globe by continuing to assist businesses and communities by raising and donating the necessary funds for each organization’s success.

Top Reputation Management Firm Gains Perspective From Building Their Own Reputation

In a article, Status Labs President and co-founder Darius Fisher reflects on the restoration of his own company’s reputation after a now former executive’s actions, while not performed in a capacity related to his role at Status Labs, nevertheless reflected poorly on the company.


Austin-based reputation management firm Status Labs has, in the past year, built a reputation for doing quality work on behalf of their clients. The company’s president and co-founder Darius Fisher was named as one of PRWeek’s Innovation50, which recognizes leadership and professional accomplishment in the fields of public relations and digital communications. The Daily Beast described Fisher as “a digital equivalent of Olivia Pope.”


In the piece linked above, Fisher makes clear that in repairing his company’s tarnished reputation in the wake of a P.R. disaster, they weren’t just showing off smoke and mirrors, but rather required an authentic shift in the company’s culture that came from the heart. He details the process as being one that involved several steps. One was opening up to the surrounding community in Austin; getting involved in the community with volunteer efforts with various charities. This let the community get to know Status Labs on a friendlier basis and realize that a good deal of anger toward the company was misdirected. Another step was to release the executive in question, a move fully supported by the company’s employees. Finally a hands-on approach to changing the office culture, with greater employee recognition, and an emphasis on making it a place that people were proud to work at. Instead of trying to sweep problems under the carpet they listened to what the situation was trying to tell them and used it as a lesson in how to improve.
Since its launch in 2011, Status Labs has grown to open offices in New York and Sau Paulo.

Further information about Status Labs can be found here:

Chief Telecom Transformed Their DCI Services with Coriant Transport Network Managing System

Coriant released news that Chief Telecom, global provider of IDC services in Asia chose the Transport Network Management System to support and expand their Data Center Interconnect (DCI) on March 1st, 2016. The system includes a 100G DWDM solution that enables Chief Telecom to deploy and optimize DCI services at reasonable overall costs. The IDC services will be installed in Taiwan, the key internet digital and hub accesses. Chief Telecom provides international connection and network services to corporations and enterprises around the world. The multi-haul transport system will become a valuable asset for the company with benefits of cost efficiency, reliability, performance, and flexibility.


This is great news for Coriant and the vice-president of the Asia Pacific branch, Petri Markkanen who is pleased to receive Chief Telecom as a valuable customer. He said, “Traffic in the inter-data center; capacity challenges for providers of DCI; and network design creation are obstructed by cloud, video, computing, and bandwidth applications growth in the region.″ Chief Telecom selected the transport network managing system as its primary source for their DCI services. The management platform will ultimately make service delivery simpler and cost of operations cheaper. The management system comes with support services suites to provide information pertaining to maintenance, planning, design, and installation.


Coriant is helping Chief Telecom and other companies and corporations globally to increase the value of their network structure. Coriant has serviced customers for almost three years now. The company was formed in 2013 and since then, attracted more than 500 international businesses to provide their products and services. Shayan Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Office of Coriant in the United States. Kheradpir was elected as an executive two years later after the company was founded. He replaced Pat DiPietro as CEO and is taking the company to higher heights in the network management industry.


Kheradpir received 29 years of networking technology experience working for notable companies, including Verizon, Juniper Networks, Barclays, and GTE Laboratories. In February, Coriant demonstrated the expanded SDN IP/MPLS routing and optical network solutions at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Shayan continues to lead Coriant into the markets of the United States and neighboring countries. Coriant has offices in the U.S. Germany, and Asia with a team of executives pursuing expansion of its products, solutions, and services. Chief Telecom is the latest client added to the Coriant’s customer list in the first quarter of 2016.

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