How Fabletics Grew Big Enough To Challenge Amazon

Fabletics Proves To Be Healthy Competition for Amazon

The athleisure company is taking healthy market share despite major competition from Amazon. The immense success can be attributed to an online subscription model. There has been so much success that Fabletics has opened 16 stores all over the U.S. including Hawaii. Customer relationships have begun to outweigh brand value in a major way.


Brand names, trademarks, product names and the like have much less power than they used to. In 2003, brand value and customer relationships began having an inverse relationship. In 2009, it became clear that the value from existing repeat customers were far more important than logos and materials owned by the business. A great deal of Fabletics website visitors and store visitors are already members, about 30% to 50%.


Many Fabletics competitors experience the negative side of “showrooming”. This would be a customer that browses and then makes the purchase for a lesser cost elsewhere. When a shopper goes into Fabletics and tries on an item, it is automatically placed in their shopping cart. This is reverse showrooming at its finest. Each individual store is uniquely stocked according to the preferences of local members. The company continues to grow at a rate of 35% year over year according to parent company CMO Shawn Gold.



About Fabletics

The VIP Membership service has been immensely successful. Fabletics allows you to take a brief quiz about your personal style to curate outfits for you. One of Fabletics 16 locations is at the mall of America. The 2,000 square foot store also carries FL2 for men. Both athleisure lines are considered transition wear, designed for both the gym and daily life. The physical stores and the website provide everything you need for yoga, gym, running, and any other physical activity. The average cost for a two piece high quality activewear outfit is $49.95.


In an interview with Marie Claire, Kate Hudson stated that Fabletics got very lucky. The brand works because it makes athleisure affordable, giving it a unique appeal. Much of the materials used are performance materials, including those for swimsuits and leisure apparel. The Fabletics price point is intentional. The price is adjusted to make the apparel line more accessible to everyone.


FL2 is the Fabletics line for men, which was released in the summer of 2015. The men’s line also includes the moisture-release technology created with UPF fabric that Fabletics items have. The material is designed to regulate temperature. New styles are released to members each month. The styles can be bought together in a bundle or individually. The loyalty reward system offers you points with each purchase that add up quickly. You can use these points freely to purchase more items from Fabletics or FL2.