White Shark Media Commitment in Dealing with Customers’ Reviews to Boost Its Services

White Shark Media, a leading digital marketing agency that has emerged as global leader in rendering promotion solutions that are customized for small and mid-sized businesses. Regarding growth, the company ranks among the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. In both North America and South America, White Shark Media has played a significant role in the success of many companies that utilize the proprietary marketing tools and tactics from White Shark Media.

In a bid to pick the best strategic partners for AdWords marketing, Google imposes rigorous training and eligibility requirement. However, due to White Shark Media success, it has been handed picked by Google as Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner.

The driving force for White Shark Media success, it is its ability to use various components that allow its clients to achieve desired results. Tracking down its clients’ marketing effort has been one of the company success formulas. Moreover, White Shark Media has integrated Google Analytic, proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, and keyword tracking. Read more: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com and http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

In response to services offered by White Shark Media, the company has received numerous reviews for it service delivery and operation in Facebook. The company believes in embracing both positive reviews and customer complaints to enhance its services constructively.

For example, in the past, the company received complaints about being unresponsive. However, the company responded by enhancing its communication, and the complaints has been leveled. Through White Shark Media prompts response to queries, client has reported a significant boost in their sales by a significant margin. Moreover, customers have continued to recommend the company for its responsive communication with its clients.

White Shark Media has received commendable remarks for being highly accommodative. The company features a professional team that helps its clients update and revise their promotion and marketing campaign. For instance, Davek Accessories has praised White Shark Media team for revising its marketing campaign, which has seen its sales increase tremendously.

The company has boosted its services to allow its customers to stay updated. This came about after receiving complaints about customers who lose track of their Adwords campaign. White Shark Media has ensured that all its clients are informed of various aspect of each new marketing campaign.

This has enabled customers to assess the performance of AdWords marketing effort. Further, the company has instituted monthly meeting with clients via GoToMeeting, an online platform that allows a marketing specialist and clients to share a screen as they review performance of each Adwords or keyword.

Top Reputation Management Firm Gains Perspective From Building Their Own Reputation

In a HuffingtonPost.com article, Status Labs President and co-founder Darius Fisher reflects on the restoration of his own company’s reputation after a now former executive’s actions, while not performed in a capacity related to his role at Status Labs, nevertheless reflected poorly on the company.


Austin-based reputation management firm Status Labs has, in the past year, built a reputation for doing quality work on behalf of their clients. The company’s president and co-founder Darius Fisher was named as one of PRWeek’s Innovation50, which recognizes leadership and professional accomplishment in the fields of public relations and digital communications. The Daily Beast described Fisher as “a digital equivalent of Olivia Pope.”


In the HuffingtonPost.com piece linked above, Fisher makes clear that in repairing his company’s tarnished reputation in the wake of a P.R. disaster, they weren’t just showing off smoke and mirrors, but rather required an authentic shift in the company’s culture that came from the heart. He details the process as being one that involved several steps. One was opening up to the surrounding community in Austin; getting involved in the community with volunteer efforts with various charities. This let the community get to know Status Labs on a friendlier basis and realize that a good deal of anger toward the company was misdirected. Another step was to release the executive in question, a move fully supported by the company’s employees. Finally a hands-on approach to changing the office culture, with greater employee recognition, and an emphasis on making it a place that people were proud to work at. Instead of trying to sweep problems under the carpet they listened to what the situation was trying to tell them and used it as a lesson in how to improve.
Since its launch in 2011, Status Labs has grown to open offices in New York and Sau Paulo.

Further information about Status Labs can be found here:


The Revival of Status Labs

Status Labs, a company ran out of Austin, Texas, specializes in maintaining positive reputations of companies that hires them, but in 2015, the company suffered from its own negative reputation. A former executive, via actions he committed outside of his role at Status Labs, sent the company into a downward spiral. The company began in 2012 and has since then assisted over one-thousand businesses who have had negative media coverage. The irony of the situation is unquestionable, considering the goal of the company is to assist other companies in bettering their reputation.


The company began the process of bouncing back from the negative press by calling for the resignation of the executive in question. Soon after the resignation, the company’s public relations team sent a team photo and a letter to the media, and followed up by making themselves more locally recognizable. Darius Fisher, President & Co-founder of Status Labs, knew that this would not be enough. The next step in raising public image was taking care of his employees. Changes to the day-to-day operations of the company initiating a stock-option plan for employees and allowing their pets to accompany them into the offices. Darius Fisher admits that these may be small changes, but as a whole he believes it is a way to bring his employees closer to the company itself.


Darius Fisher, before founding Status Labs, graduated from Vanderbilt University. Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter until 2012 when he started his own company, Status Labs, a company that specializes in assisting other companies with their online reputation.


PRWeek is a magazine for the industry of public relations. The magazine has been in print for 24 years, and honored Darius Fisher with its Innovation 50 title. The magazine cited him as an innovator to the field and credited him for his success despite the companies controversial past. Darius joined other recipients such as Kristine Fasnacht, community leader of Reddit and Callan Green of L’Oreal with his resignation by PRWeek as a truly innovative member of the PR world.

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