Brighten the World with Some Color

Brighten the World with Some Color

People draw their inspiration for design for multiple different places. Some pull their design ideas from shapes, landscapes, the weather, or even animals. A designer named Jessica Boskoff gains her inspiration from the colors around her. All of the different colors she runs across throughout her day lead her to create design elements for her event planning service Twenty Three Layers.

About Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company that is based in the New York area. The founder of Twenty Three Layers event service is Jessica Boskoff who is a woman filled with inspiration and design aesthetic. Twenty Three Layers offers services that include: venue selection, catering, photography, lighting, entertainment, workshops, and styling. Twenty Three Layers will do a single day event, multiple day events, or even help in designing a space for a homeowner or a business. A guest is going to remember the remarkable design space, the food, and the entertainment more than anything after they leave an event. It is important to never sweat the small stuff because the idea is to wow guests when they walk into an event space!

Jessica Boskoff’s Mission

Jessica Boskoff’s main inspiration is color, anything to do with vibrant, artistic, or playful colors. Most of the designers Jessica chooses to hire for her event planning service are color-lovers at heart. Jessica and her stylists love to break the boundaries when it comes to the traditional style. It is easy to achieve bright and vibrant accents throughout your space by just adding some pillows, lamps, or blankets.