Bruno Fagali: Fighting The Corruption Problem Of Brazil

Brazil has a lot of things to be proud of – their people, their biodiversity, their natural wonders, their culture and their history. However, despite these gems that Brazil has been promoting, the country’s corruption problem still takes the spotlight. Corruption is one of Brazil’s major problems, and it has been around since the formation of the state. It has been rooted deep into their society that sometimes, the problem is just ignored. However, a number of individuals and organizations are taking a stand against this problem and doing their best in order to eradicate it away from the Brazilian Society.

One of the key reformers in this field is Bruno Fagali, a lawyer with good reputation and passion for change. His professionalism and integrity are just some of his positive characteristics, and he is eager to remove the practice of corruption from the mind of the Brazilians. He proposed a system called the departmental integrity drive, which aims to provide transparency with the transactions happening between the government and private firms. He established the FAGALI advocacy to solely focus on this matter, and as of today, it is proven to be effective as corruption instances are slowly decreasing. The FAGALI advocacy is also responsible in addressing issues with the society, and to provide equality among each other.

Aside from his stint as one of the key persons in the FAGALI advocacy firm, Bruno Fagali is also serving as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB, one of Brazil’s most prominent advertising firms. Nova/SB is a media company and an advertising firm that produces campaigns coming from the local government and from international organization and groups. One of their main clients is the World Health Organization, and they are becoming a channel in order for WHO to inform the public about health issues. Nova/SB has been working with Bruno Fagali to create and look after their ethics committee. He is responsible for the establishment of the company’s corporate integrity program, and he is advocating that Nova/SB should give equal between the management and their employees. Bruno Fagali is also responsible for sharing the corporate integrity program with Nova/SB’s satellite offices located in different locations throughout Brazil.


Interesting Facts about the Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation Attorney

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation attorneys are lawyers who specialize in lawsuits. They tend to be attentive to civil law and are often found in courtrooms, with their primary jobs being to carry cases to and through the court system. They perform pretrial work, which is needed to get lawsuits moving, which includes directly filling suits or creating written demands for resolution. After a lawsuit has been filed, a litigation attorney will question key witnesses and gather evidence for use in case the matter goes to trial. If you have a dispute to solve, this is the kind of lawyer you need.

Education and Training

Like any other lawyer, litigators must have completed four years at an undergraduate institution, followed by three years in a law school. After graduation, they must pass the bar exam set by the state they wish to work for before being allowed to practice law. Litigation lawyers often continue taking other educational classes to specialize in other areas of law. Most litigators usually choose two areas of focus. They devote their career to improving knowledge related to these areas and stay updated on the current changes in the law and read full article.

Karl Heideck: Education, Profession, and Skills

Karl Heideck is one of the astute litigators in Philadelphia. He is popular for his immense success in various duties as a litigator. Karl Heideck went to Temple University, after which he started his career as an associate in Conrad O’Brien where he analyzed and reviewed government investigation documents and represented clients in commercial litigations. He also possesses skills in pharmaceutical litigation, white collar defense, and bankruptcy.

Karl Heideck also served as a project attorney with Pepper Hamilton LLP where he reviewed materials for trial preparation and fact investigation. He is also recognized for his specialty in risk management and compliance practices. Karl Heideck is also a skilled writer in legal proceedings and his Twitter.

The Whistleblower Attorney

The SEC provides that a person offering information for possible federal law violation on securities and trading practices is under protection. It is imperative to notice that securities crimes can be from the past, ongoing or about to happen. The timing of the reporting is vital so that companies do not move with speed to clean up the mess before SEC intervenes.

While this is an ideal whistleblower protection act, it is not always a walk in the park for would-be whistleblowers. First, it takes courage to confront the obvious demon of discrimination and victimization. The thought alone of being referred to a mole or a snitch keeps many would-be-informers from shying away from even thinking about it. Second, the process is not straightforward and may take time.

Obviously, it can be an emotionally draining process and nerve-sapping experience. Overall, one needs a friend to do the technical while he enjoys his or her patriotism. With an SEC Whistblower attorney, the right attorney for that matter, the process can be easier. One needs an appropriate attorney to offer advice and training on how to deal with issues that may result from the exercise.

In its principle, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act gives the SEC three roles and responsibilities. The whistleblower ought to have an anonymous role in the reporting, the person has to be protected from breach of employment contract, and offer a financial reward to the individual. In delivering the benefits of whistleblowing, not always does companies play ball and can play hardline stances including and not limited to contract termination.

Though companies risk further sanctions if they do so, some tend to offer a punitive environment to the informer. Such environment may include demotions or transfer from one department or region to another. When companies decide to engage in such stunts, the informant may regret his decision to report the security violation.

Rather than wait until that happens, witnesses are encouraged to enlist the services of a good lawyer. Firms like Labaton Sucharow, provide industry veterans advising clients on how to proceed before thy even decide to pull the plug on their employers. Other firms specialize in the witness representation service. What is for sure is that, it is the best decision that one can make before becoming a whistleblower.

When you decide to be a patriot, do not let anything stop you. SEC will give you 10-30% of the fine and your attorney guides you every step of the way to ensure that your interests are safe.

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Ross Abelow Has A Campaign To Help NYC Strays

In most major cities, there are numerous stray animals living outdoors. New York City is certainly no exception. Strays in New York City have a very rough life to say the least. In the wintertime, temperatures can dive far below freezing. This can create deadly conditions for stray animals. Sadly, the shelters in the area are unable to accommodate them all. This is due to lack of financial and material resources. Luckily, something is being done to give shelters in New York City more resources to work with. One of New York City’s well known lawyers, Ross Abelow has worked to raise money for New York City animal shelters.

Ross Abelow practices law along in conjunction with another lawyer by the name of Cassandro, in the New York City area. His office is actually located on Long Island, but it is quite close to New York City. This means that many of his clients come from New York City itself. He specializes in several different types of law. This law firm specializes in law related to business, families, and the entertainment industry. His law firm is well known in the city for their skill. They have successfully won many cases in the city.

To raise money, he has used a well known fundraising website, called Go Fund Me. Go Fund Me allows people to donate money to a cause. People can set a goal for the amount of money that they intend to raise. Ross Abelow intends to collect five thousand dollars to donate to animal shelters. Ross Abelow got the page up and running during January, when the weather had turned exceptionally cold. The page is still up and running.

Animal shelters are going to be able to put this money to good use. For instance, it can be used to pay for animal’s food, beds, and blankets. Additionally, the funds can go to much needed medical care for stray animals. Many stray animals develop health problems from living outdoors. The money that Ross Abelow is planning to donate could be used to help treat any medical concerns that the strays have. It also can be used to vaccinate stray animals. Many stray animals do not have vaccinations or are not up to date on them. This puts the animals and the public in danger. When animals are up to date on their vaccinations, they are more likely to find homes.