Duda Melzer at e.Bricks

Duda Melzer is one of the leading businessmen in Brazil. It is now in the public domain that he is currently heading the RBS Group in Brazil. According to his crunchbase page, after completing his Masters at Harvard, he started out in the United States where he got a job as the analyst or in other words a senior budgetary expert at Delphi Corporation. He was also the Chief Executive Office at BoxTop Media which is based in New York.

After working in the US, he later returned to Brazil and consequently got to work with Booz Allen and Hamilton. Booz Allen Hamilton is a firm which deals with diverse services such as analytics, engineering, and consultancy services. Most of these previous positions are believed to have been very instrumental in preparing his journey into the RBS position.

He is the founder of e.Bricks. Economia says this is a digital venture capitalist company that was founded by two families known all over Brazil by their legacy as being serial entrepreneurs. The two families are the Sirotsky and the Szajman. The Szajaman family is renowned majorly because of the group of companies known as the VR.

His work at e.Bricks has seen the firm support a lot of technological companies in Brazil. Most of these companies are in the financial sector, education, SaaS, and the health sector. Their aim is to fill a gap in the small and medium businesses regarding their technological advancement. By 2016, the firm announced that it had invested approximately $ 300 million in technology startups.

In conclusion, Mr. Duda also has an active social life. He is said to love spending time with his family especially in sports. Some of his known sports include horse racing. He is recorded making lighthearted comments about the sports. His continued love for the game despite his increased responsibilities in the family business tells of his deep-seated love for the game.

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