The Revival of Status Labs

Status Labs, a company ran out of Austin, Texas, specializes in maintaining positive reputations of companies that hires them, but in 2015, the company suffered from its own negative reputation. A former executive, via actions he committed outside of his role at Status Labs, sent the company into a downward spiral. The company began in 2012 and has since then assisted over one-thousand businesses who have had negative media coverage. The irony of the situation is unquestionable, considering the goal of the company is to assist other companies in bettering their reputation.


The company began the process of bouncing back from the negative press by calling for the resignation of the executive in question. Soon after the resignation, the company’s public relations team sent a team photo and a letter to the media, and followed up by making themselves more locally recognizable. Darius Fisher, President & Co-founder of Status Labs, knew that this would not be enough. The next step in raising public image was taking care of his employees. Changes to the day-to-day operations of the company initiating a stock-option plan for employees and allowing their pets to accompany them into the offices. Darius Fisher admits that these may be small changes, but as a whole he believes it is a way to bring his employees closer to the company itself.


Darius Fisher, before founding Status Labs, graduated from Vanderbilt University. Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter until 2012 when he started his own company, Status Labs, a company that specializes in assisting other companies with their online reputation.


PRWeek is a magazine for the industry of public relations. The magazine has been in print for 24 years, and honored Darius Fisher with its Innovation 50 title. The magazine cited him as an innovator to the field and credited him for his success despite the companies controversial past. Darius joined other recipients such as Kristine Fasnacht, community leader of Reddit and Callan Green of L’Oreal with his resignation by PRWeek as a truly innovative member of the PR world.

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