Breaking Down the Numbers for Online Reputation Management

More and more people are looking online at people that they encounter in their life. Whether it is a perspective client or an actor that you really enjoy the work of, online reputation management can make or break a person. According to an article published on, The world of online management is a world of numbers that many people may not know about or even understand for that matter. Even people tend to search their own name and will disagree with a lot of the results that they find.

The fact of the matter is that many of these decisions in life are based on what a review says online about the person. Unlike the days before the Internet ruled the world, the way to really know about a person was to actually get to know them. Nowadays, a review online can be a death blow to a person or even a business even if it is is not true. So the question is what is behind these numbers that we are always hearing about.

More and more human resource departments are required to research a candidate online before making a hire decision. In fact, this number is in the area of around 75%. So in summary, three-quarters of the applicants of a job will have to be researched online before being hired or not.

90% of the Executive Recruiters will Google a person before they make a decision on them or not. If positive information is found, then the odds of getting hired are higher as opposed to those that negative information is found. It is often believed that more than half of these recruiters will make a judgment based on what it is that they find out via a Brand Yourself reviews search.

Surprising enough, even a person’s social media can play a factor in how they are perceived. A number of employers will keep an eye on their employee’s social media accounts and will make decisions about raises and promotions based on what it is that they see. These are just a few of the numbers that are behind how online reputation management has become a booming business for a large number of people online.