How George Soros is Fighting Back Against Donald Trump

In the American political world there is a defining factor that divides the right and left wing of the political spectrum. On the right you have the billionaire Koch Brothers and their horde of minions willing to put up as much money as needed to win an election. On the left, you have precious few people with money willing to step up and fight for the common man. The 2016 election campaign saw one man return from the shadows in order to lead the charge against Donald Trump — George Soros. Soros is a billionaire hedge fund investor who has been stumping for progressive change his entire life. This election campaign was another chance for him to step up for what he believes in.Combing through FEC records you will find out that George Soros jumped into the election campaign at full steam. His return was largely triggered by the meteoric rise of the hateful and divisive Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President.

Soros would leap in with both feet and donate nearly $25 million total throughout the campaign. Soros’ return to politics allowed Clinton and many other progressives to actually keep up with their Republican counterparts. FEC records show that Soros donated heavily to political action committees for causes he believes in, including immigrant voting rights. Of course, the vast majority of donations found their way to Clinton in her ramped up efforts to take out the monolith that Donald Trump became.Having George Soros back in the political fold is an event that cannot be undersold. George Soros has been one of the foremost philanthropists and progressive voices in the world over the past fifty years.Through his charitable company, the Open Society Foundations, Soros has donated nearly $12 billion to causes all around the world.

His focus is largely centered on bringing rights, social justice, transparent government, and democracy to people who are in need. You can look at the slew of places that the Open Society Foundation has impacted to see just what George Soros is willing to stand up and fight for.Of course, George Soros wouldn’t be politically active the way he is today without the past that brought him to this point. Though George Soros lives in New York City he was born and raised in Hungary until the Nazi occupation rolled in, in 1944. Over the next year nearly half of a million Hungarian Jews would be pulled from their homes and murdered in the name of hateful nationalism. To say that Soros took these events to heart would be underselling the point by quite a bit. So, Soros now fights tooth and nail to keep the power with the people, fighting against zealot nationalists like Donald Trump along the way.

George Soros Returns to Politics to Fight for Progressives Everywhere

George Soros recently made headlines for his return back into the world of political theater. George Soros is a world famous philanthropist, investor, and noted progressive. Soros’ has continually pushed the envelope in order to bring social justice, democracy, and progress to places all around the globe and at home. Despite all of these glowing traits he is still considered something of a boogeyman to the conservative wing of the United States. Well, if Soros is the boogeyman than maybe it is time to start getting afraid. Soros returned to the political game in order to stand up for progress in the face of a Donald J. Trump presidency.

Of course, George Soros has been around politics for far longer than just the 2016 election. Soros famously backed Al Gore during Gore’s election bid in 2004 and if it weren’t for a controversy in Florida (Recount!) then you would have seen Gore standing in the Oval Office. With that being said, Soros has tried to take a gentler approach to politics over the past several years. Soros doesn’t believe in allowing money to control the political dialogue, but he certainly wasn’t going to let Donald Trump waltz into the White House unchecked. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Soros turned to support Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign that saw so many dramatic, astounding, and straight up controversial things happen. Soros brought with him more than $25 million in contributions to various super PACs dedicated to supporting democrats all up and down the ballot box. He personally invested $7 million into a pro-Clinton super PAC as well — a record breaking contribution. To keep it short and simple, Soros put his money where his mouth is in order to try and keep Trump’s damage limited and confined.

We have seen George Soros act as a force in both politics and progressive values for decades now thanks to his work with the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is Soros’ way to help fund charities and grassroots activist campaigns all throughout the world. He has directly donated at least $30 million to activists in and around Ferguson, thus helping to raise awareness during the Ferguson Protests. The Ferguson Protests acted as a galvanizing force for much of the United States to come together over. These protests shined a spotlight on the problems that minorities face when dealing with police officers, sometimes with deadly consequences. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros saw firsthand what it could mean to be ruled by oppressive forces when he was just a young Jewish boy in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Soros was fortunate to survive though he saw friends and family carted off to gulags throughout Europe. Soros survived, emigrated, and got an education. It was during his school years that he learned the philosophy that would guide his political principles for the rest of his life and it is that philosophy that we are paying special attention to now. With George Soros in the fray and at the helm we can surely expect big things to come.

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There are No Typical Days for Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein does not expect anything normal when beginning his business day. He believes that those who set out to write their own destiny are not going to be able to predict how the events of each day will work out. It is important to learn from processes. Knowledge will grow over time. After obtaining a certain level of experience it will become easier to complete a familiar evolution. Adam Milstein does not limit himself with petty goals. Other people’s expectations become a distraction and can develop into a burden that is unnecessary to carry. Adam has made a living by trusting his own vision and allowing each business day to develop in front of him.

Adam Milstein became a real estate broker after receiving a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. He had opportunities to work with established organizations. However, he was not interested in joining companies that did not share his passion for what he believed was important in life. It took several years for Adam’s business to develop. He learned that real estate is an industry for patient personalities. These experiences gave Adam the necessary attributes that allowed him to have longevity in his chosen profession.

Adam Milstein is a partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. He received his early tutoring in the real estate business from his father in Israel. Adam served his obligatory time in the Israeli Army and immediately pursued his dream to obtain higher education in the United States. He does not believe he has wasted a moment of his life or career. Adam loves to work and understands that every work day in his life contributed to the tremendous success that he is having currently. There’s no such thing as overnight sensations. Adam’s patient nature has been beneficial in allowing him to let circumstances work themselves out in his favor.

Adam Milstein is heavily involved in his community. Philanthropy is the reward for the hard work and business struggles. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is an organization that participates in personal development. Adam and his wife are hands-on with every aspect of the their charity foundation.


Be Your Own Visionary

Adam Milstein believes that a person must follow their own instincts to achieve the type of success that is deeply desired. It takes courage to be a leader. That includes being the leader of your own ambitions. Adam is a native of Israel and followed his dream across the globe to Southern California. He became a real estate investor and achieved tremendous accomplishments by following his own intuitions. This is a process that allowed Adam to pave his own path in business and develop a philosophy that continues to produce results to this day.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel. He is the son of a real estate developer and spent his early years learning business methods from his father. Adam serAdd Newved in the Israeli Army and acquired a college degree. He married Gila Milstein and had two children before moving to the United States. Their third daughter was born after arriving in the Southern California. Adam achieved a master’s degree from the University of Southern California.

Adam Milstein was recruited by several companies upon graduating from USC. However, he did not feel that the organizations that interviewed him had an interest in any of the life issues that he felt were important. Adam decided to venture out on his own. It took years to develop his new enterprise. This is the kind of patience that would become Adam Milstein’s signature business style.

Adam Milstein gaines great pleasure in being involved in philanthropy. He believes that giving back to the community makes all of his business success worth the effort. He and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization is dedicated to assisting in the positive development of people within the Jewish community. The program focuses on personal development from start to finish. Adam is a hands-on leader. He believes that it is important to be knowledgeable about every aspect of a process. It is detrimental to allow others to be responsible for the actions that are required to achieve the vision of a project. Adam Milstein makes sure that he pays attention to the details of any evolution he looks to execute.


Education Reform Is A Legacy Dick DeVos Can Be Proud Of

Dick DeVos has been one of the world’s premier education reform activists in my opinion since he began looking to the future of education for children in his home state of Michigan over three decades ago. In an interview I read with Dick’s wife Betsy the education reform specialist explained the interest the couple share in education reform came about when they were touring schools during the childhood of their own children; the article from Philanthropy Roundtable explained to me the concern the couple share for education reform is based in their own experiences talking with parents who were struggling to send their own children to Potter’s Christian School just outside the DeVos family hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I understand the reasons behind the couple’s interest in education reform a little more after reading the interview with Betsy DeVos, and appreciate the fact the couple based their early reform efforts in Michigan before expanding further across the U.S. Although I would not look at Dick and Betsy DeVos and view them as radicals in their political beliefs the bipartisan assistance they have created for education reform has seen them labeled as such after their more than 30 year attempts to improve education in the U.S.


Education plays a key role in the work of Dick DeVos, but as in his business choices the Michigan based investor is not willing to limit himself to a single area of philanthropic giving. I myself have a deep love of the arts and was pleased to read on the Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos that he has worked closely with the Kennedy Center for the Arts for a number of years to help fund some of the most important programs in the U.S. DeVos has funded an arts management center at the Kennedy Center and provided funding for Kennedy Center sponsored programs in his own hometown of Grand Rapids. I have also been impressed with the way Dick DeVos has put the needs of international students at the top of his own list of priorities with a scholarship program targeted at students from developing nations wishing to study at the Thunderbird School of Business Management.


Devos Charity Continues To Provide Dedicated Leadership Throughout Our Nation

The Dick & Betsy Family Foundation serves as a prompt for associate businesses that place global and local neighborhoods for growth and stability. With almost 500 demands for help every year a generous amount of capital is received by those associates who are in close relation to the foundation. Many receivers in these organizations are long- term partners of Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and the Dick and generally, five to ten of these corporations obtain service yearly.

Dick DeVos has spent his time as an executive leader at Amway. He also obtained and lead the NBA’s Orlando Magic Team and served as president for The Windquest Group.

As Leader of Amway from 1993 to 2002, DeVos kept his obligation for several areas of the the country which includes in 50 states and 6 continents. In his closing fiscal-year of support, Amway increased it’s revenue of $4.5 million as a result of his leadership for the company’s procedures.

Under his leadership, the company approached new opportunities and it’s domestic sales increased by tripling it’s income for the first-time while in the history of the company. DeVos became CEO and President of Orlando’s Magic Team in 1991 in which he and his family served and guided the team for three years.

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DeVos has been dedicated to being a leader in a wide array of community campaigns. He began the Training Freedom Fund, which granted over 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged kids in Michigan. This High School West-Michigan Flight seeks to offer a demanding instructional program through an aircraft emphasis), and has also served on the State Board of Education.  Dick Devos has managed various Grand Rapids locations such as downtown revitalization and regional health care improvements including a $212M convention facility, a $130M hospital, a $90M medical university and a $30M Downtown Market. He was the candidacy choice for Governor of Michigan in 2006. His Newyork Times best seller, “Rediscovering America’s Values” is available to the nation in seven different languages.

DeVos is a professional aircraft pilot with an expertise in flying jets and helicopters. He is also a two time National Winner sailor as well as a scholar of University University. DeVos has-been committed to the Betsy King for 35 years plus they will have five grandkids and seven kids. He remains devoted to communities across the globe by continuing to assist businesses and communities by raising and donating the necessary funds for each organization’s success.