Did the Simpsons Predict Handy Cleaning Pros & Handy Chatbots?

Will robots take over the work of the American workforce? The story of Handy Inc. suggests that more automation may be on the horizon. Automation solves so many questions and just makes financial sense as a “matter of business rationale.”

“Get House Cleaned Now!”

The Internet has made it so people can get any service in real-time. This includes on-demand home cleaning. Handy Inc. is a New York based firm, which has expanded to 28 markets offering on-demand home cleaning services. Many of its competitors have fallen by the wayside.

The service industry is cut-throat. The Handy CEOs are part of a “high-cost-of-failure” business: home cleaning. All it takes is one mistake and your brand could be ruined. Only the strong survive. So how did Handy succeed while other home cleaning businesses – like Homejoy, Mopp, and Exec – fell by the wayside?

“Branding & Availability”

The interesting thing about the Handy Inc. success story is that it did not lead the industry in terms of customer service. In fact, its complaints were a little bit higher than its competitors, including “last-minute cancellations, no-shows, clueless cleaners, damaged floors, you name it.” It also created a number of difficult ways for customers to have their concerns addressed.

The company outsourced their customer service department to Florida and Missouri call centers. The Handy Inc. firm (https://www.handy.com/) was very good at reducing costs and the co-founders were able to reduce “payroll by more than 50 percent, saving millions of dollars a year.”

This business is like the marathon runner. It keeps on going. Perhaps, the “Simpsons” will predict that the next election will involve America, changing its name to Handy Inc.