Marc Sparks and Hard-Working Social Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a well-known businessman, venture capitalist and entrepreneur who comes from the United States. He’s a Dallas, Texas resident. He’s presently at the helm of a variety of portfolio firms. Sparks runs Timber Creek Capital Management LLC, a private equity company. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

He has enjoyed many achievements through a variety of businesses. Sparks has extensive telecommunications field knowledge and as a result has worked with Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless and Splash Media. Real estate has also been a big focus for Sparks. Sparks has been busy and on the go ever since completing high school in the middle of the 1970s.

Spark Tank is a brand new Sparks operation. The objective behind Spark Tank is to strengthen social entrepreneurs who have the desire to improve the planet. Social entrepreneurs who have big ideas can apply to receive grants from Spark Tank. Spark Tank offers $5,000 grants to the people it selects.

Philanthropy is a big passion for Sparks. He has been participating in local philanthropic projects for many years. He regularly helps the Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter. His assistance of the Samaritan Inn dates all the way back to the end of the 1980s.

Sparks genuinely enjoys doing good things for his community and neighborhood. Habitat For Humanity has also been a focal point for Sparks. He’s helped construct numerous residences through the organization. Sparks also provides the American Can! Academy with regular assistance. This academy is a Dallas program that caters to gifted high school students.

Marc Sparks genuinely believes that success and accomplishments are within anyone’s reach. He penned a book that was called “They Can’t Eat You.” This book discussed his journey to achievement in great detail. He didn’t exactly have the most promising beginning in life. When he was a student, his report card was full of Cs. He had a fire inside of him, however, that allowed him to become a powerful entrepreneur.

Although Marc Sparks is an extremely busy person, he manages to find the time to take care of himself on a regular basis. He has numerous pastimes that assist him with stress management. Sparks is extremely passionate about health and about spending time outdoors.

Some of his many hobbies include adventurous trips, exercise, golfing, cycling, hiking, fishing and hunting. All of those activities help Sparks unwind, take it easy and clear his head for a while. He genuinely adores competition, too. He’s a fan of competition in business and athletics alike. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

Travel is something that’s dear to Sparks. He’s traveled to some of the planet’s most isolated and fascinating locales. Easter Island in Polynesia is just one of them. Sparks states that travel is a strong influence in his life.

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