Check Out Clay Siegall’s Blog Then Get To Know Him


Millions of people follow Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian on twitter. It seems that neither of these people have added much to our culture so their sheer amount of twitter followers makes me sad. But I have found a new guy to follow on the Internet because he is so interesting. Just take a look at Clay Siegall’s blog and you will find out why.

The guideposts the most interesting sort of his imaginable. Many of the stories don’t even make the front page of news organizations maybe it’s because these stories don’t involve celebrities or conflicts. They are just really interesting stories.

At first, you might think this guy is just another average Joe Internet user. You’d see if you articles about the NFL, NFL free agency and player movements concerning the Los Angeles Rams. But if you stick to it, you’ll see a litany of awesome articles involving science. This is the kind of curated information that could keep me entertained and informed for days.

There is an article about how a black hole is currently slowly swallowing a universe. There is an article about this eclectic microbe collector currently in a space station conducting experiments. There’s even a question posed by an NPR article — Did humans and Neanderthals kiss? Apparently, they found evidence of interspecies relations at the very dawn of human existence.

What is incredibly clear from reading this blog is that Clay Siegall is committed to science. It seems that he is a little uneasy during the Trump administration because our own president has come out against scientific truths. But Clay Siegall has been committed to science his entire life. He spent more than a decade as a scientific researcher on cancer. He then took his knowledge of cancer to found Seattle Genetics and pulled in over $1.2 billion for cancer research since the company went public in 2001.

His company employs over 1000 people. They are all dedicated to the pursuit of scientific truth concerning cancer and other diseases such as lupus. The company’s individualized treatments are revolutionizing the medical industry under the guidance of Clay Siegall.