Getting Concerts In With Securus Video Calls

Securus video calls are really great for people who are trying to help inmates not miss too much. Missing a lot of what happens on the outside can happen a lot, but now people are being told that they can catch the concerts and events that they would miss. There are many people who are using Securus like I am to make sure that kids can have their parents see their concerts and other events. They do all that hard work, and they want to make sure that everyone sees it.


Securus has created a really nice app that works on the phone and tablet, and I have taken kids to concerts with the tablet going to show the inmates the concerts. The inmates sit down to watch these concerts, and they are given a chance to see what is happening when they are on the inside. These inmates have rights as parents, and I think that we are helping them better than ever before because now kids can be seen while they are doing the concerts and other production work that people usually miss out on while they are in prison.


Someone who is in prison needs to have someone on the outside who will place the calls with Securus, and they need to remember that it is very easy to use the app. I use the app almost every day to help kids, and I have brought it to concerts with no problem. I have had kids playing their instruments or singing into the app in their homes, and I think that it is important that parents get to see these things. It is a very good incentive for them to be able to change their lives while they are in jail, and they will know what is waiting for them when they are released.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Adam Goldenberg’s Unique Venture

Adam Goldenberg wants to bring a unique model to the fashion world as the cofounder of JustFab. This company was founded in 2010 along with his business partner Don Ressler. The company is an online fashion retailer and the premise behind it personalizes the items that its sales based on the fashion tastes and preferences of those who subscribe to the service. This is an attempt to bring a personal touch rather than simply act as a fashion boutique. This is part of what makes this business model different. Since 2010 the company of Goldenberg has also expanded beyond fashion for adults by also including lines of clothing for children. Through the company, there have also been celebrities who have released their own fashion brands as well.

The main thing with the company is that it wants to emphasize a personal and custom touch on Crunchbase. the membership model is one of a unique things about the company and it is one of the things that Adam Goldenberg was looking to emphasize the most as it helps to create a more personal experience with each different customer rather than just relying on a very typical and impersonal experience that is usually in the case with more traditional fashion outlets.

Because of this approach the need for customer service and to be able to provide useful customer service is one of the most important things for JustFab because by doing so they will be able to have individuals who will be happy and excited with their selections and feel a closer connection to the company as a whole since they are using a membership model which is not something that is typically seen in the world of fashion according to Adam Goldenberg. Since JustFab is a digital retailer they really look into timing the overall customer experience and to be able to make their customers happy, while this is a thrust of just about any other business because of the type of business model that the company has chosen to pursue it becomes critical that excellent customer service and satisfaction are key essentials in improving the overall quality of the company according to Adam Goldenberg.

Bad Investment Advice is All Over the Media with Laidlaw and Company

Hitting it big in the stock market has never been easy. It is even more difficult today when investors and potential investors are inundated by information from a wide range of media outlets. A good amount of this information is unreliable or plain wrong. Some of this comes from a media outlet’s need to make money to continue its existence. Many stories will feature things like, “The Top Three Hot Stock Picks.” In reality, some of those hot picks may not pan out, but catchy stories like that will bring in viewers or readers. There is evidence that the hit rate for these stocks is sometimes less than if an investor picks a stock at random. It is also risky to predict the future, as a company doing well today might wind up in a negative light in tomorrow’s news.

Bad Investment Advice Knows No Boundaries

Laidlaw & Company is an independent investment banking and securities brokerage firm that has been in existence for 170 years. With offices in both the United States and Europe, Laidlaw & Company serves both companies and individuals with their money needs.

For investment banking, Laidlaw has experience in PIPES, IPOs, marketed follow ons, and secondary offerings, and is led by the Head of Capital Markets, James Ahern. Laidlaw & Company is overseen by Matthew D. Eitner, the Chief Executive Officer. Alternative investments and wealth management are some of the other areas the company offers its clients.

Flavio Maluf Discusses Implications of Brexit on Brazilian Economy

Flavio Maluf, the well respected president and Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, recently participated in an interview with a business magazine to discuss the implications of the British exit from the European Union, otherwise known as Brexit. The business owner gave a detailed analysis about the effect of Brexit on the Brazilian economy. Specifically, Flavio Maluf discussed the implications of Brexit on his on company and the steps that he and his colleagues would be taking to combat any negative effects of Brexit on their company. During the interview, Flavio Maluf discussed his own personal history and his entrance into the business field.

Flavio Maluf began his career in business after he completed his formal education at a prominent University in Brazil. The young college graduate knew that he was interested in business management and operations before he completed his studies, but Maluf still worked in a series of non-management related positions before gaining a position at Eucatex in the late 1980s. After obtaining an entry level position at Eucatex, Maluf faithfully served the small company for many years before finally becoming the president and CEO of the company. After becoming the President of Eucatex, Maluf began a systematic process to grow the company at a swift pace. After more than a decade of operating as the president of the company, Maluf succeeded in growing the company at a substantial rate.

During his interview with the business magazine, Maluf stated that he believed that the implications of Brexit would negatively impact the Brazilian economy. Maluf, unfortunately, is not alone is his projections about the British exit from the European Union. Most financial strategists have predicted negative implications after the exit and had a point prove earlier in the year when the Brexit decision was announced and the stocks for the European Union dropped significantly. Flavio Maluf stated that this economic crisis would undoubtedly effect the Brazilian economy, but reassured stock holders by stating that his team had a plan in effect to negate the consequences of Brexit on Eucatex. Maluf stated that he was confident in his ability to sustain profitable margins for the company.

George Soros Has Economic Competition from Philip Diehl

Although George Soros is known in the investment community as the leading progressive investor in the United States, he now has some conservative competition from U.S. Money Reserve.

According to Crunchbase and Glassdoor, The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) has named U.S. Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl as the president of their organization. U.S. Money Reserve helps sell gold and silver assets to the common man, as a way to protect assets against the careless financial behavior of the current U.S. government.

Diehl highly values creating a favorable atmosphere for gold and silver companies to compete and sell their wares. Diehl worked to fight against a Minnesota law that made it hard for businessmen to sell their products to customers. Diehl is also a former director for the United State Mint, so he has vast experience about the government perspective for the regulation of precious metals.

George Soros profits from making risky hedge fund bets. He sees that companies are soon going to decline, and then bets against them. Diehl, by contrast, thinks that it is more important to hold assets that are stable and long term. Gold and silver are prime examples.

Although the paper value of the Soros fortune may be far more than the typical gold and silver investor, if the economy of the United States ever crashes, gold and silver will still be just as valuable then as it is now. Not true with corporate and government bonds and stocks, which are Soros’ financial life blood. As director of ICTA, Diehl is going to try to help the reputation of precious metals gain a makeover in the U.S.

A lot of modern economists scoff at the idea of using gold and silver, but they were valued as monetary units until very recent history. The market economists and their political stooges lose sleep whenever the economy takes a nosedive. Not so with the wise precious metals investor.

He chuckles as he views his glittery stash in the safe. No matter what the price level of the paper market, he has something that has been valued for millennia as a store of value.

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The best ski resorts on Lake Tahoe

Are you looking for the best ski resort for your next family vacation or a place where you can unleash your adventurous side? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Squaw Valley Resort:

Known for hosting the 1960 winter Olympics, Squaw Valley resort maintains a vibrant ski culture on It brings out your adventurous side, that is elevated by the view of Lake Tahoe’s translucent waters and the inspirations of the beautiful mountains in the background.

Squaw valley offers trails and slopes that benefit skiers of all levels. For beginners, there’s learning zones that puts you in the middle of the Alpine scenery. For the advanced skiers, there’s slopes and bowls that’ll boost your adventurous side, challenging you every step of the way.

With the consistent snowfall in the area, skiers can enjoy skiing and snowboarding well into springtime. Squaw Valley is known to have one of the longest skiing and snowboarding seasons in America.

Not only does Squaw Valley offer great ski slopes, but they also offer one of the best scenic views in the country. They offer friendly and majestic experiences that any family or adventurous person would enjoy. From hitting the slopes to shopping in the Village shop, Squaw Valley has it all.

Alpine Meadows:

Just on the other side of the valley, lies the Alpine Meadows. It’s known for it’s sprawling terrian and lake views. Alpine Meadows is an adventurous person’s scenic playground. It’s the perfect place for those seeking a family vacation that’s off the radar.

Alpine Meadows is a 15 minute shuttle from the Squaw Valley Resort. It’s lined with Chalet-style lodges and hospitality that puts skiing and riding experiences at the frontline. This beautiful resort lies on 2,400 acres that has more than 100 trails lining the mountains. Among these mountains are well-groomed slopes for the avid skier and beginners alike.

Since these two resorts have always been drawn to each other, the owner of the Squaw Valley resort bought out the Alpine Meadows in 2011. They plan to add a gondola that will transport guests of the Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley. This gondola would connect the two resorts so that the guest don’t have to drive between the two resorts. As of now guests still have to drive or shuttle between the two resorts.

So, whether your looking to unleash your adventurous side or planning a vacation for the family, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are the best ski resorts that Lake Tahoe has to offer. When you plan your next trip, keep these beautiful, scenic resorts in mind: you won’t be sorry.

The Manse on Marsh Stands Out From the Rest

The 2016 “Caring Star” award was given out recently to the Manse on Marsh’s San Luis Obispo County location. This award is an annual event held by which utilizes user reviews and complaints as a way to filter out quality assisted living communities and eventually select the best one. The minimum requirements for consideration are a 4-star all-time average, no outstanding negative complaints, and at least one 5-star review between Dec. 1, 2014 – Sep. 30, 2015. The Manse on Marsh exceeded these minimums with an all-time average of 5-stars and an impressive 5, 5-star reviews during the consideration period.

The CEO and co-founder of, Andy Cohen, indicated that they hold this annual award, not for promotional reasons but because internet-based consumer reviews are fast becoming the primary factor in prospective residents selecting which communities they will trust with their retirement. The award is meant to identify standout communities for users to consider when determining where they would like to stay and which locations will treat them the best in the long run. When the Manse on Mash Executive Director & CEO Logan Sexton accepted the award he thanked all of the residents and their families for sharing their good experiences and claimed it was a sign that their tried and true approach to care was working.

The Manse on Marsh’s Arroyo Grande Assisted Living campus was the specific recipient of the “Caring Star” award and uses a state of the art Care Planning System to handle personalized attention to residents instead of a more common one size fits all assisted living plan. This means that residents and their families are spending only what they want on the care they need which gives more peace of mind and long-term stability to the residents. Another hallmark of the Arroyo Grande campus is the wide range of lifestyle choices with varied levels of independence offered to residents and the privacy of a home life if they want it. The spaces available include studios, single-bedrooms, or adjacent homes, and cottages.

Sam Tabar – A Rising Star in the Business World

Sam Tabar is a man of many interests and talents. Educated at Oxford University and Columbia Law School, he gained admittance to the New York State Bar Association upon graduation and began practicing as an associate at a prestigious firm. He used this experience to propel him into a new position with Sparx Group, where he gave legal counsel as well as business development and fundraising advice.

His interest in hedge funds and capital management soon led him to a job with Merrill Lynch. There, he worked as the head of capital strategy for Asia. He connected fund managers to investors and became known as an expert capital strategist.

Tabar’s business acumen, fundraising expertise and legal knowledge resulted in a new position with FullCycle Energy Fund. The company named him chief operating officer in 2015. He’s responsible for their fund management strategies and has focused on moving the company toward environmentally friendly fuels, rather than more expensive, polluting ones.

In addition, Tabar has worked as the chief financial officer of Awearable Apparel since January 2016.

Outside of his work, Tabar is fluent in French and nearly fluent in Japanese — skills that he puts to good use in his frequent travels. He’s a private investor in various socially conscious enterprises. This includes SheThinks, a company that uses a portion of its earnings to aid and empower women in Africa.

With such an impressive portfolio of work behind him, Tabar is a businessman to keep an eye on for the future.  Check out his advice from the Examiner column.

Will JustFab’s Expansion Satisfy Fashionable Consumers?

The latest round of funding for Just Fab has been cited by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as the weight that tipped the scale over the $1 billion dollar figure. JustFab has been the fastest-growing fashion website in recent times, but their company is planning to expand as much as possible.

This article covers rumors of an IPO, a new CFO and new shopping choices. Subscriptions are JustFab are growing, and their marketing is attracting the most discerning of fashion customers.

#1: Why Is JustFab Popular?

JustFab has steadily grown in popularity since their founding, and the company offers female shoppers clothing that is quite difficult to find elsewhere. Shoppers may subscribe to the JustFab plan that provides clothing attuned to the customer’s style, or customers may shop the catalog as-normal. Learn more about JustFab:

#2: Who May Shop At JustFab?

JustFab has a broad appeal that other clothing warehouses do not possess. Their website offers a wealth of shopping options for customers that include accessories. The fashionable woman may purchase anything and everything they need to look stylish at JustFab, and the website offers prices that are competitive with any other company.

#3: How Much May JustFab Expand?

JustFab may choose to expand quite a lot over the course of the next several years, but their expansion must include further capital funding. An IPO would help the company quite a lot, and they have hired a CFO who has experience with IPOs.

The company does not plan to rush into any decisions, but they do plan to keep moving forward. JustFab may yet have enough cash for future acquisitions given their current plans. Learn more about JustFab:

The JustFab website has become an Internet sensation that sells clothing and accessories to all-comers. Their company is funded quite well, and they are making strategic decisions that will offer a brighter future.

Thor Halvorssen is an Advocate of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a young humanitarian that has a family history of politics and royalty. Thor Halvorssen is 39 years old and he is the President of the Human Rights Foundation, which he started in 2005. According to a Huffington Post article, Thor Halvorssen is best known for exposing corrupt practices by the Venezuelan government. Back in 1989 Mr. Halvorssen began making a name for himself as he stood firmly against apartheid in South Africa during the preliminary events that led up to the release of political prison Nelson Mandela.

As the drug Czar of Venezuela Mr. Halvorssen uncovered many injustices that have also affected his family. His father was tortured and his mother was shot as a result of the family’s opposition to dictator Hugo Chávez’s regime.

Mr. Halvorssen is also known for standing up for the rights of people internationally. In 2012 demonstrators that are opposed to the policies and authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin were beaten and jailed. Mr. Halvorssen quickly came to the aide of the Russian demonstrators and demanded that their human rights be taken into account. Among the notable demonstrators that were involved include chess master Garry Kasparov and the Russian rock band Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for creating a song the was anti President Vladimir Putin.