Yeonmi Park’s Flight from North Korea

Yeonmi Park‘s description of life in North Korea and of her harrowing escape from that shadowy country make for arresting reading. Now a spokesperson and has videos on Youtube for those still suffering under the absolute rule of dictator Kim Jong Un, Park looks for the day when his regime will come to an end.


The tale of Park and her family’s hardships start as the result of a fall from grace when her father, during Kim Jong II’s time in power, was arrested for smuggling metal in hopes of coming up with the means to feed his family. He was sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp, and the remaining members of the family were ostracized. Park and her mother, who had barely been subsisting on the food available, set out to escape from North Korea when Park was a mere 13 years old.


It was a difficult passage for the mother and daughter who had to make their way into China, where Yeonmi and her mother ran afoul of sexual traffickers. Eventually, Park’s father joined the pair in China, but he died not long after from a disease contracted in captivity. Park and her mother once again set out on a dangerous journey that they hoped would lead to a better life. Eventually, though subject to a very tenuous existence, they crossed the Gobi Desert—finally reaching South Korea by plane after having reached the border of Mongolia.


Despite having lived through such hardship Yeonmi said on a DailyMailUK interview that she remains hopeful and is dedicated to shining a light on the millions who still suffer under North Korea’s dark regime.

Hayman Capital Management’s CEO Kyle Bass Thinks The World Should Focus On The Issues In China Not The Symptoms

Kyle Bass has a reputation for being a smart investor. He got that reputation in 2008 he said the subprime mortgage bonds were worthless. His Dallas-based investment firm, Hayman Capital Management, became one of the hottest firms in the investment business after that announcement, and Bass became a billionaire. Bass has been in and out of the news over the last eight years. His flamboyant style and risky investments as well as his desire to put himself in front of TV and news cameras has made him an enigma in the business. On one hand, Bass is a someone that has the money and connections to help people, but on the other hand, money is his primary motivator and that has caused some issues in the past.

One of those issues was his support of General Motors when the company was sued for faulty airbags and power steering malfunctions. Hayman Capital had a major investment in General Motors, and Bass protected that investment at the expense of the victims. The press didn’t have too many nice things to say about Kyle Bass during that time, and it seems that trend has continued. Another thorn on the Bass investment rose bush is his relationship with President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina. During her time in office, Fernández de Kirchner ruin Argentina’s status as an economic giant due to the bond defaults that took place on her watch. Four hedge funds were in a legal battle with Fernández de Kirchner, and Bass stood behind her even though he knew she was creating a major issues for investors.

In a recent interview with, Bass talked about his bet against China’s currency. He told the interviewer than people should focus on the issues not on the symptoms. Most economists have been doing nothing but focusing on the issues that are creating the economic dilemma in China. Economists around the world are predicting a global recession that may be worse than the 2008 market crash. Bass thinks the United States only has a 50 percent chance of experiencing a recession. Most economists say the United States has a 100 percent chance that the economy will begin to contract by the beginning of 2017.

The economic situation and political race were brought up in that interview and Bass said he supports Clinton for president, and Trump is not going to make the Republican cut. Read about Kyle Bass from another side at

Michael Zomber And The World Of The Samurai

The world of the Samurai has fascinated people for many, many generations. People have flocked to stories over the years about the world that was Japan during the era of the Samurai. Both contemporary Japanese people and those of other cultures have come to this culture and found it amazing. One person who has found this world to his eternal fascination is author and Japanese antique expert Michael Zomber. Zomber has spent many years of his life learning as much as he can about this world and those who helped make it one of the world’s most unique. His knowledge has helped propel him to the forefront of those who are considered experts in the field.

His Television Work

Zomber feels on Facebook, as so many others do, that sharing the world of the Samurai is one that should be done with others. To this end, he has done many television shows that are devoted to the subject of history in general and that of Japan in particular. He wants to help others learn about the world that has held a great deal of fascination for him since he was a young child. He has done many interviews including a series on history that was shown on the History Channel to wide acclaim by all those who love the world of the Samurai and want to learn more about the kind of art they helped create. His many fans watched as he helped talk viewers through the nuances of this particular culture. In the process of showing up on television, he also made many new fans who found his expertise quite useful as they learned more about the world of Japanese armor.

His Collection Of Art And Armor

He not only admires and understands Japanese art from afar, he also admires it up close. His work has extended to creating a collection of art of his own. He has done much to expand his collection and find new and relevant pieces. He has also been instrumental in helping to provide assistance for those who also wish to emulate his example and collect art of their own. Zomber knows that people count on him to help give them advice on the right kind of armor that might make the perfect addition to any collection they have in hand. He also helps people discover if collecting this kind of armor is right for their needs.  Check out his books available on Amazon.

Madison Street Capital’s CEO Wins Award For Emerging Leaders

Madison Street Capital is a big valuation house in New York City that helps businesses gets their information, and Anthony Marsala is at the top of the company helping make sure that everything goes smoothly on a daily basis. There are a lot of things going right at Madison Street Capital, and they have been awarded for the good work they do.

Anthony Marsala was given the M&A Advisors 7th Annual award for emerging leaders, and his company is going places that other valuation firms are not going. The firm at Madison Street Capital is led by Anthony Marsala who does a lot of the valuation himself, but he has also made sure that he has trained all the people in his office to make sure that they can do the same work that he does. He is an emerging leader because he trains his people, and it is also because he has made a company that can help anyone improve their business deals.

Madison Street Capital is a great company that is sure to help every customer who come sin for valuation advice. These companies need to know how much they are worth when they are trying to sell shares to other investors, and they need to know how much their partners are investors are worth. There is a lot to be done to figure all this out, and Madison Street Capital figures it out for every customer. There are some people who do not even know where to start, and Madison Street Capital will make sure that every client gets a report that shows how much they are worth. The reports can be used for negotiations, or they can be used for stocks are issued.

Madison Street Capital and Anthony Marsala are on the cutting edge of their industry because they also make sure that all the deals that they work out go through for all their clients. They will be the middle man to hold the cash, and they will make sure that everyone is happy with the deal before the papers are signed. Checking on the value of a business is a good place for people to start, and it is a good way to learn about how these companies are put together. Every company is different, but there is something that Madison Street Capital can do to teach everyone about their company’s value and position in their industry.

Brad Reifler Offers His Opinion On Bitcoins And Gives Investment Advice

Bitcoins have caught the eyes of many people, including investors and speculators. Are they a safe or even worthy investment? Before we delve into the feasibility of investing in bitcoins, lets get you up to speed on what they are.

Bitcoins are a digital currency. They are not printed by a government bank in a country. Nobody controls how much bitcoins are printed and what they are worth. Bitcoins are created through a process called digital mining. A person offers computing power used to power the public ledger or accounting system of the Bitcoin transaction system. In return for offering computing power to operate Bitcoin exchanges and records, a person receives a portion of the processing fees and newly created bitcoins.

This may sound good so far, but there are some downsides to bitcoins as wealth manager Brad Reifler explains. Bitcoin has developed a reputation among law enforcement as being the leading currency of choice for drug traffickers and money launderers. Many merchants also do not accept Bitcoins and it can be a problem to exchange them for other currencies.

The values of Bitcoins is also inflated by many speculators hoping to profit of an increase in the future value of Bitcoins. Bitcoin value is also very volatile. Another concern of Bitcoins is that they can be easily stolen through hacking and fraud and that there are no chargebacks with bitcoins. All of these parameters lead to Brad Reifler saying that Bitcoins are a very risky and bad investment because they are primarily fueled by hype and speculation.

As a wealth manager and investor for over thirty years Brad Reifler cannot stress the importance of avoiding investments that are over-hyped and fueled by speculators. They are literally a disaster waiting to happen. Mr. Reifler offers the following five tips for investors who want sound financial returns.

The first tip is to pay close attention to how you invest your money. Take a look at risks, the projected time you will make a return and create goals for yourself. The second tip is to make sure your money is secure and the third tip from Reifler is not to put all your investment into the stock market which can be highly volatile. The fourth tip is to develop a strong and trusting relationship with the manager of your funds. Lastly, says Brad is to always keep your objective in mind, learn from mistakes and build upon success.

Brad Reifler’s latest investment venture is Forefront Capital. As the CEO and founder of Forefront, Reifler’s goal is to give the 99% of investors who are not accredited the chance to invest in high yield and high risk investments that are only available to accredited investors and institutions. Forefront Capital is one way that Brad Riefler is fighting on the behalf of the 99% and diminishing wealth inequality.  Talk to Brad on Twitter, where he’s a very vocal voice in the financial community.

The Sound Financial Advise of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the top most respected investors and investment advisors in the world. He has had oodles of experience in the industry to earn this status. He began his illustrious career by serving as a major banker in Brazil for many years. He has learned that one of the best pieces of investment advice is to avoid investing in damaged companies but focus on buying damaged stocks. This is because damaged stocks can almost always be bought cheap and in time increase your profits. But Igor Cornelsen says on his wordpress blog, you have to be very patient because making good investments like this can take years before there are any real results.

Cornelsen says that he has gone decades before seeing an investment make any profits. He says an investment career is not for you if you want to a career that is part of a get-rich-quick plan. But although Igor Cornelsen advises concentrating on damaged stocks, he says you should not be haphazard about buying them, but should be carefully select what to buy and what not to buy. It’s about doing a careful study of each company, which ones are usually successful and which ones are not. Investors, he says, are well advised to determine which companies are the best bet in which to invest.

No matter what, though, he has advised always being frugal with an individual investment. Putting lots of money into a single investment gives too much risk of also losing big. He has been retired from professional work since 2010, but still remains involved in the investment game because he enjoys it so much. In his retirement he continues to be involved with the investment firm, Bainbridge Group Inc. In his role here, his financial advice is coveted and sought after by investors from all over the world.

Newark Youth Better Prepared For College By Kevin Seawright

His plan is to promote the work ethic and basic life skills necessary for youth in Newark, NJ to successfully become college graduates; increasing the local percentage of the college educated. Kevin Seawright is the CFO for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC). He knows the importance of helping young people get a hand up. This is not the first time he has worked in his community to bring needed changes through promotion of the youth. He is aiming to get 3,500 area high school students employed with summer jobs. Along with the new experience of entering the workplace, the students will also be trained in basic personal finance management. Each student hired will be given bank savings and checking accounts, then they will be taught how to balance their accounts and manage the money they earn.

Over 350 students have applied to the program, which Seawright has worked to make a very streamlined process online, as opposed to the slower paperwork method of past years. What used to take approximately six weeks is now reduced to about a 30 minute process. He says the entire team at CEDC is excited to work together to help set the future for local young people. Thanks to this program, many deserving students in Newark will have an opportunity to not only attend college, but also become incredibly successful with a full foundation of support.

This 6-week summer job program gives each student the start to their professional resume, encourages saving money, and supplies much needed income to prepare to enter college. This year, not only has Seawright improved the application process, he has also increased the number of summer job openings. Students in the program will also receive valuable training lectures that will better prepare them for the college experience. Kevin Seawright has explained to LocalTalkNews that this program has several goals, all surrounding supporting area youth becoming successful college graduates.

Besides NCEDC’s CFO, Kevin Seawright is also the Executive Vice President of the organization whose mission is finding ways to increase business and civility in a community that has faced many challenges. Before this important role, he was the CFO and Facilities Officer for the Departments of Recreation and Parks in Maryland. His commitment to educating his community in effective financial management as well as forward-thinking planning is evidenced by this program. In the past, he has had projects with many millions of dollars budgeted and has been effective in managing them.

What Do You Know About Wen?

A few years ago, one of my friends mentioned to me this great product called WEN. Wen is known on as an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. When you use Wen, you will notice your hair get much fuller and thicker. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

One of the main reasons why Wen is so sought out is because it was developed by Chaz Dean. For those who don’t know, Dean is a respected professional in the hair care industry. He knows exactly what it takes to get hair that everyone can be envious of.

As stated on the instructions, Wen is mainly recommended for those individuals with fine hair. However, this doesn’t mean that the product strictly applies to them. People with thick hair can use it too. However, those with thin hair will notice the biggest difference before and after.

I can honestly say that using WEN has made a huge impact on my life. In the past, I used to be so ashamed of my thin hair. I felt like everyone around me was staring at my locks. Now, I don’t have that problem anymore. Instead of having to hide my hair behind baseball caps, I can boldly show it off.

If you are sick and tired of the way your hair looks, you are not alone. You can join the rest of us and purchase a bottle of Wen by Chaz Dean. I promise that you will see real results with this product. Remember, you shouldn’t have to struggle daily with your appearance. Instead, you should always feel confident about the way you look. Wen works to grant you the hair you wish you were born with. Now is the time to take a chance and get what you deserve. Try it now.


Ross Abelow Has A Campaign To Help NYC Strays

In most major cities, there are numerous stray animals living outdoors. New York City is certainly no exception. Strays in New York City have a very rough life to say the least. In the wintertime, temperatures can dive far below freezing. This can create deadly conditions for stray animals. Sadly, the shelters in the area are unable to accommodate them all. This is due to lack of financial and material resources. Luckily, something is being done to give shelters in New York City more resources to work with. One of New York City’s well known lawyers, Ross Abelow has worked to raise money for New York City animal shelters.

Ross Abelow practices law along in conjunction with another lawyer by the name of Cassandro, in the New York City area. His office is actually located on Long Island, but it is quite close to New York City. This means that many of his clients come from New York City itself. He specializes in several different types of law. This law firm specializes in law related to business, families, and the entertainment industry. His law firm is well known in the city for their skill. They have successfully won many cases in the city.

To raise money, he has used a well known fundraising website, called Go Fund Me. Go Fund Me allows people to donate money to a cause. People can set a goal for the amount of money that they intend to raise. Ross Abelow intends to collect five thousand dollars to donate to animal shelters. Ross Abelow got the page up and running during January, when the weather had turned exceptionally cold. The page is still up and running.

Animal shelters are going to be able to put this money to good use. For instance, it can be used to pay for animal’s food, beds, and blankets. Additionally, the funds can go to much needed medical care for stray animals. Many stray animals develop health problems from living outdoors. The money that Ross Abelow is planning to donate could be used to help treat any medical concerns that the strays have. It also can be used to vaccinate stray animals. Many stray animals do not have vaccinations or are not up to date on them. This puts the animals and the public in danger. When animals are up to date on their vaccinations, they are more likely to find homes.

Chief Telecom Transformed Their DCI Services with Coriant Transport Network Managing System

Coriant released news that Chief Telecom, global provider of IDC services in Asia chose the Transport Network Management System to support and expand their Data Center Interconnect (DCI) on March 1st, 2016. The system includes a 100G DWDM solution that enables Chief Telecom to deploy and optimize DCI services at reasonable overall costs. The IDC services will be installed in Taiwan, the key internet digital and hub accesses. Chief Telecom provides international connection and network services to corporations and enterprises around the world. The multi-haul transport system will become a valuable asset for the company with benefits of cost efficiency, reliability, performance, and flexibility.


This is great news for Coriant and the vice-president of the Asia Pacific branch, Petri Markkanen who is pleased to receive Chief Telecom as a valuable customer. He said, “Traffic in the inter-data center; capacity challenges for providers of DCI; and network design creation are obstructed by cloud, video, computing, and bandwidth applications growth in the region.″ Chief Telecom selected the transport network managing system as its primary source for their DCI services. The management platform will ultimately make service delivery simpler and cost of operations cheaper. The management system comes with support services suites to provide information pertaining to maintenance, planning, design, and installation.


Coriant is helping Chief Telecom and other companies and corporations globally to increase the value of their network structure. Coriant has serviced customers for almost three years now. The company was formed in 2013 and since then, attracted more than 500 international businesses to provide their products and services. Shayan Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Office of Coriant in the United States. Kheradpir was elected as an executive two years later after the company was founded. He replaced Pat DiPietro as CEO and is taking the company to higher heights in the network management industry.


Kheradpir received 29 years of networking technology experience working for notable companies, including Verizon, Juniper Networks, Barclays, and GTE Laboratories. In February, Coriant demonstrated the expanded SDN IP/MPLS routing and optical network solutions at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Shayan continues to lead Coriant into the markets of the United States and neighboring countries. Coriant has offices in the U.S. Germany, and Asia with a team of executives pursuing expansion of its products, solutions, and services. Chief Telecom is the latest client added to the Coriant’s customer list in the first quarter of 2016.

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