Ross Abelow Has A Campaign To Help NYC Strays

In most major cities, there are numerous stray animals living outdoors. New York City is certainly no exception. Strays in New York City have a very rough life to say the least. In the wintertime, temperatures can dive far below freezing. This can create deadly conditions for stray animals. Sadly, the shelters in the area are unable to accommodate them all. This is due to lack of financial and material resources. Luckily, something is being done to give shelters in New York City more resources to work with. One of New York City’s well known lawyers, Ross Abelow has worked to raise money for New York City animal shelters.

Ross Abelow practices law along in conjunction with another lawyer by the name of Cassandro, in the New York City area. His office is actually located on Long Island, but it is quite close to New York City. This means that many of his clients come from New York City itself. He specializes in several different types of law. This law firm specializes in law related to business, families, and the entertainment industry. His law firm is well known in the city for their skill. They have successfully won many cases in the city.

To raise money, he has used a well known fundraising website, called Go Fund Me. Go Fund Me allows people to donate money to a cause. People can set a goal for the amount of money that they intend to raise. Ross Abelow intends to collect five thousand dollars to donate to animal shelters. Ross Abelow got the page up and running during January, when the weather had turned exceptionally cold. The page is still up and running.

Animal shelters are going to be able to put this money to good use. For instance, it can be used to pay for animal’s food, beds, and blankets. Additionally, the funds can go to much needed medical care for stray animals. Many stray animals develop health problems from living outdoors. The money that Ross Abelow is planning to donate could be used to help treat any medical concerns that the strays have. It also can be used to vaccinate stray animals. Many stray animals do not have vaccinations or are not up to date on them. This puts the animals and the public in danger. When animals are up to date on their vaccinations, they are more likely to find homes.

Chief Telecom Transformed Their DCI Services with Coriant Transport Network Managing System

Coriant released news that Chief Telecom, global provider of IDC services in Asia chose the Transport Network Management System to support and expand their Data Center Interconnect (DCI) on March 1st, 2016. The system includes a 100G DWDM solution that enables Chief Telecom to deploy and optimize DCI services at reasonable overall costs. The IDC services will be installed in Taiwan, the key internet digital and hub accesses. Chief Telecom provides international connection and network services to corporations and enterprises around the world. The multi-haul transport system will become a valuable asset for the company with benefits of cost efficiency, reliability, performance, and flexibility.


This is great news for Coriant and the vice-president of the Asia Pacific branch, Petri Markkanen who is pleased to receive Chief Telecom as a valuable customer. He said, “Traffic in the inter-data center; capacity challenges for providers of DCI; and network design creation are obstructed by cloud, video, computing, and bandwidth applications growth in the region.″ Chief Telecom selected the transport network managing system as its primary source for their DCI services. The management platform will ultimately make service delivery simpler and cost of operations cheaper. The management system comes with support services suites to provide information pertaining to maintenance, planning, design, and installation.


Coriant is helping Chief Telecom and other companies and corporations globally to increase the value of their network structure. Coriant has serviced customers for almost three years now. The company was formed in 2013 and since then, attracted more than 500 international businesses to provide their products and services. Shayan Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Office of Coriant in the United States. Kheradpir was elected as an executive two years later after the company was founded. He replaced Pat DiPietro as CEO and is taking the company to higher heights in the network management industry.


Kheradpir received 29 years of networking technology experience working for notable companies, including Verizon, Juniper Networks, Barclays, and GTE Laboratories. In February, Coriant demonstrated the expanded SDN IP/MPLS routing and optical network solutions at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Shayan continues to lead Coriant into the markets of the United States and neighboring countries. Coriant has offices in the U.S. Germany, and Asia with a team of executives pursuing expansion of its products, solutions, and services. Chief Telecom is the latest client added to the Coriant’s customer list in the first quarter of 2016.

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Beneful Ahead of the Pack as One of the Makers of Premium Dog Food

Every pet owner wants the best for their pets, and that means serving them healthy, well balanced food that will keep them happy and healthy. Dog owners are increasingly concerned about what their pets are eating, which is leading to an increase in the number and quality of premium dog food brands.

Beneful is one of the leaders of this new trend, and is Purina foods premium dog food brand. Beneful is ahead of the pack with its focus on fresh healthy food filled with whole grains, and nutrition that you can see. They know that your pet needs the right food and nutrition to stay happy and healthy and to live a good life, and focus on providing tasty food that is backed by nutrition science and recommended by veterinarians.

With the rise in interest for organic and whole foods for humans, the demand for high quality pet food has started to rise as well. One brand, Freshpet, focuses on using such high quality food and ingredients that in a recent visit to the factory, the CEO of the company didn’t hesitate to sample some of the product. The days of food that is only fit for the dogs, seems to have become a thing of the past.

Other companies are also jumping on the bandwagon. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights sells food that looks just like the same food you might put on your own plate. Their lasagna for dogs and beef stroganoff of dogs, looks surprisingly like the same food you might serve guests for dinner, and if you don’t look carefully, you might not notice the difference.

Of course Beneful has been focusing on providing high quality food that your dog will love to eat and that will keep him or her happy and healthy for their entire life, for years. In addition to Beneful traditional wet and dry foods that are full of healthy ingredients that your pet needs to stay happy and heathy, they also offer specialty meals and snacks that are of a higher quality than pet owners have come to expect. The Chopped Blends not only feature high quality chicken, salmon, and beef, but also are full of whole corn, carrots, and peas.



FreedomPop Expanding Services

FreedomPop has been expanding its services for the last three years. Since the company opened up out of LA it has expanded throughout the United States, offering mobile phone users an option to save money over their current cell phone providers. Now, instead of being forced to overpay for wireless service every single month, those who use FreedomPop can now actually use the phone for free, every single month, if they keep it under a certain number of minutes/text messages/data amount. Should they go over, the amount they pay is a small amount as well. This has helped the company grow to over a million customers in a very short time. Now though, with the help of funds raised in the last few months, the company is pushing its boundaries, not just in the United States but throughout the world.

FreedomPop has an idea of offering discounted mobile phone service to customers around the world and, eventually, allow these individuals to travel between different countries without paying much in terms of roaming and international fees. This is why the company has directed its attention towards both Europe and Asia. The UK is its primary focal point, but it is also expanding to nearly 25 countries within Europe. Once the network has been established (FreedomPop does not create its own wireless networks but pays a wholesale price from Spring and other networks) internationally, it is able to push its services further and further out.

In order to expand these services, FreedomPop has been fund raising throughout the world to raise the necessary budget. Investors around the world see the potential in the company and are climbing aboard. The company is now expected to have some sort of platform or service in over 40 nations with more to come eventually.

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Securus Technologies Announces a New Line of Products, How Exciting!

On March 4, 2016, Securus Technologies announced that they are finally able to do more than just connect inmates to outbound calls. Almost 30 years ago, Securus installed over 80,000 telephones for inmates, then exceeded to over 84,000 devices throughout both the U.S. and Mexico. Securus has now begun to provide tablets, S-Phones and even video visitation kiosks, which I believe is outstanding! All of their products are designed and provided with the highest quality of security to prevent property damage. That sure makes me feel relieved! Securus’ CEO, Richard Smith said that he believes that these new devices will help to better connect inmates to friends and family. He also believes that they will help them to better fill out their record logs, paperwork, to complete religious activities and even their education. I am excited about this because it is a recipe for prisoners being treated more humanely.

Since its founding, Securus’ main mission has been to provide inmates with criminal justice technology for the purpose of making their stay as modernized as possible. They also maintain a simultaneous goal of improving public safety. The staff at Securus are experienced and innovative thinkers, engineers, designers and technologists who work together as a team. As a result, the technology that they manufacture doesn’t compete almost anywhere else. I say that this is the way it should be.

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is accredited by the BBB. They currently serve over 3,000 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies. They especially take pride in the over 1 million inmates that they serve across the North American continent and they should!

If you are a family or friend of an inmate, you can sign up for Securus through AdvanceConnect. AdvanceConnect is prepaid with a minimum $25 funding. You can add multiple numbers as well. Access to accounts is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Securus has two services called On-Site Video Visitation and At Home, both of which make it possible for you to visit your friend or family member in prison straight from the comfort of home and not have to figure out the logistics of inmate phone calls. This eliminates the need for you to make the travel to the correctional facility and to wait in line. You can schedule the visit in advance as well.

QNET is a Company that Empowers Women to Succeed

Women who want to be successful in life needs access to education, healthcare and technology. All of these factors are necessary to ensure that women can work and live to their potential. QNet is an organization that provides these types of resources to women or they make them possible to acquire. 

QNet partners with many women selling health and beauty products. These items have a huge market and the potential to generate large profits for independent sellers. Females who want their own business and to be their own boss would definitely benefit from a partnership with QNet. 

This organization ensures that women given the opportunity to succeed as sellers. They will have help setting up their personal enterprises and given the tools they need to stand out in the market. Women who need to work and to get ahead in life will benefit from QNet. 

QNet has worked for many years to help empower women. They know that women want to do more than just work in the home or take care of their children. Now, QNet does believe that those two behaviors are very important in life. However, a woman should not be just limited to those roles. Women are faithful to their homes, spouses and kids. Sometimes they want an opportunity to do more for themselves and QNet provides them with this chance.

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This company is located overseas in Hong Kong but have markets and distributors all over the world. If a female is interested in QNet they should definitely contact the company to find out more information. The article QNET Grooms Young Women Entrepreneurs will explain more about this company and what it has to offer. If you would like to know more about the work environment at QNet, simply click here.

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

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Bernardo Chua Awarded in the Philippines

Bernardo Chua made a special trip early last year to the Philippines. He was going to Manilla in order to attend the award ceremony event which was held at Hemady Square. Bernardo went to the event accompanied by two people from his team in Organo Gold. They were awarded two very important awards known as Dangal ng Bayan Awards when the event happened. The brand represented by the team also received an award. Organo Gold was awarded the Two People Choice Award.

The famous and prestigious Dangal Bayan Awards are believed to have been started in 1981. The team that started the awards is known as the National Consumer Affairs Foundation, and they are based in the Philippines. The Dangal Awards were introduced to honor the best and top class products, especially in Filipino. They also recognize the people who helped achieve visions of the companies. They also motivate citizens to achieve good returns in the business.  SlideShare has a great list of the awards Bernardo has helped Organo win.

In the ceremony, Mr. Bernado Chua was awarded for being the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. He earned this title because of his contributions as the CEO of the popular international company known as Organo Gold. The company is actually among the fastest growing international institution. The company has achieved a lot of success under the leadership of Bernardo Chua.

Organo Gold is a well-known lifestyle organization that provides its consumers with different brands of coffee. The coffee manufactured by Organo Gold contains a certain herbal Chinese mushroom known as Ganoderma Lucidium. The herb is famed for its medicinal properties, and because it is included in the coffee, people can benefit a lot from drinking it. In the past, coffee was not medically safe to consume, but this is going to change very soon. In most Chinese medicine, the herb is included, and this proves that it is safe consumption. People suffering from asthma, high blood pressure, kidney problems and other dangerous conditions get benefit a lot from taking the Organic Gold Coffee.

According to Wikipedia Bernardo Chua founded the company, Organo Gold in the year 2008. He has managed to bring a very successful emperor because of his knowledge in network marketing. Organo Gold has secured an important place in the hearts of many people all over the world. Because the Philippines is the country where Bernardo Chua came from, the coffee appetite is quite high, and the company is doing very well there. He looks forward to opening many branches of the institution as time goes by.

The Financial World With Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is said to be a remarkable attorney who also loves doing other things. He is an Oxford University graduate, who also attended Columbia Law School. After he graduated in 2001, his career path took him first to Skadden, Arps, Sater, Meagher and Flom LLP, this company is consider one of the most prominent companies worldwide. His job entailed advising clients hedge funds, investment management agreement (this is where the adviser acts on behalf of the investor, but it must be in writing),employment issues and much more. He stayed with the law firm until 2004,before joining Sparx Group Company.

Here, he was first employed as an adviser, but soon rose through the ranks as Managing Director and Co Head of the Business Division. It seems as though Tabar likes to try his hand and mind at everything. In this position he came up with a plan to pursue institutional investors and also targeted individuals with a lot of money. While in this position he accumulated a list of about two thousand people who had the ability financially to do business with the company. Tabar also helped the company raise $1.2 billion.

Soon he went to work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, in the Asia- Pacific area, holding the position as Director and head of Capital Strategy. In this position he also advised hedge fund clients. Also, working on pensions, with foundations. Here too, he was also able to gather about one thousand two hundred fifty institutional investors for the company. These are organization that invest in the interest of it’s members. They are monitored by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After leaving his mark on all these companies he went to work for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP in 2013. This law firm headquarters are in New York City and was established in 1969. Tabor’s position here was Senior Associates, also working with hedge fund clients. His other duties were investment management agreements, side letters, employment concerns and specifications relating to the business. He left this company in March 2014.

Tabar also has a gofundme page, which he started in December 28, 2015 for the Africa Wellness Initiative. On this page he wants to raise donations to help women and children in Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS and other dreaded diseases. Tabar said on Instagram that together we can help provide the medical assistance that is needed in areas with plaguing health problems.

Kyle Bass: The Story Of A Plummeting Career

Kyle Bass once had a place amongst the most well regarded people in the investment industry as Wikipedia shows. However, he is now seen as a sleazy fool that only cares about his own bottom line. His career has gone from wildly successful to dismally bad over a very short time span. Not only has his image gone down the tubes, but his own profits have decreased in many areas. They are likely to continue to decrease as time goes on. He is continuing to tarnish his impression further and further. This is due to a combination of factors. For one, the things he forecasts for the economy are becoming increasingly off base. Furthermore, his associates have quite a poor public image of their own.

His financial forecast prior to the 2008 crash was spot on, and this was what put him in the spotlight. However, Bass completely lost his skill with predicting the economic future. His recent predictions have held no truth whatsoever. However, he keeps spouting various economic forecasts that are utterly inaccurate. The television appearances where he makes these forecasts make him look quite foolish. However, he just keeps going on air and spouting these forecasts anyways. Interestingly, Kyle Bass actually is on air more now than in the past. He gets paid a far smaller amount of money to appear each time, and the increased appearances completely cancels out the effect of appearing more times. Not only does it cancel out, but he makes much less money from television appearances than before.

The people that Kyle Bass has connected himself with are very sleazy and questionable characters. Not only that, but they aren’t even in the United States. Instead, they reside in Argentina, and they are dismal politicians. One of these politicians is the nearly infamous Cristina Kirchner. It is a very odd alliance indeed. A United States based investor and dismally bad Argentine politicians just do not seem to go together. It seems as though there may be some type of questionable business dealings going on between them.

Additionally, he has been involved in a highly questionable scheme involving the manufacturers of prescription medication. He has a dubious investment strategy that involves setting up pharmaceutical companies up to be short on necessary money. Due to this, innocent people are forced to live without the treatment that is needed to keep them alive. However, Kyle Bass profits off these schemes. His involvement in this practice is extremely harmful to the well being and safety of citizens.

Kyle Bass has certainly changed a lot. He used to be seen as one of the greatest minds in the investment world. Now, he is seen as among the worst. However, he is seen as much more than a fool. He is seen as sleazy, and his actions have harmed society.

Sergio Cortes: Zika Virus in Brazil


Symptoms and Diagnoses
Symptoms of Zika virus are generally mild and only last for a short period of about one week. Medicine is usually not needed. Dr. Sergio Cortes says that the symptoms tend to vary from person to person and they usually consist of fever, muscle pains and possibly a rash.

As far as being diagnosed as having Zika virus, Sergio Cortes says that there are not currently any tests to identify the disease, because it is has only recently been identified. As of now, the principle way to diagnose Zika is through a complex exam offered by Fiocruz and the Evandro Chagas Institute.

There is still no specific treatment for Zika virus. There are only treatments to relieve the symptoms of infection. Individuals who are infected with Zika can use anti-inflammatory medicine and pain medicine if proscribed by a doctor. As in the case with dengue and chikungunya fever, Dr.Sergio Cortes cautions that products that contain acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) should be avoided.

Zika Virus in Brazil
Today many experts believe and assert that Brazil is currently experiencing an epidemic of Zika virus outbreak, which started sometime during the middle of the year 2015. With an acknowledgement by the Brazilian government that there may exist a relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly, which is a type of infection that can cause the underdevelopment of the brain of infants, concerns about contracting the virus have risen dramatically and caused the Ministry of Health and WHO to take steps to educate the public and focus resources on combating Zika. Indeed, they are working together to develop more working knowledge of Zika, says Dr. Sergio Cortes.

In the country of Brazil, the Northern region has the most documented cases of microcephaly which is thought to be caused by Zika virus, says Dr. Sergio Cortes. In total, there’re more than 1200 reports in 14 different states and more than 300 cities. A young child has already died because of microcephaly and two adults due to illness.

According to notes published by the Ministry of Health there are still many outstanding issues to be discovered about Zika virus. The main one, according to Dr. Sergio Cortes, is to find out how the virus functions in the human body and infects the developing fetus.

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