Rick Smith Highly Talented Business Executive Taking Securus Technologies to New Heights of Success

The success and failure of a company are mostly driven by its management and the policies they make. And, the driver of the company’s management is its Chief Executive Officer. If the CEO of the company doesn’t take strategic decisions at the right time, it is likely that the company would fail and would not be able to come from its failure. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, is one of the most reputed names in the corporate circles of the United States, and his achievements in the telecom industry are undisputed. He has helped Securus Technologies reach new heights of success through the innovative marketing measures he devised and implemented with accurate precision. The primary aim of Rick Smith has always been to modernize the inmate communications field, and he has done so by making research and development its primary tool. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

Securus Technologies is an inmate communication technology firm that has many different innovative and instrumental products and services that allows inmates to communicate freely with their friends and relatives. It is a company that has helped in ways more than one to make inmate communication more affordable than ever before. The new technologies that are being developed by Rick Smith Securus have assisted in ensuring that the inmates can communicate more frequently with their relatives and friends without having to worry about the pocket pinch. The efforts made by Rick Smith have also led to the development of the new video visitation facility that allows the inmates to communicate with the help of video chat with their relatives. It helps the inmates and their family to see each other while communicating, which eliminates the need for the family and friends of the inmates to visit the prison facility. It saves money by visiting the prison facility for the relatives. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Rick Smith has extensive experience in the telecom industry and has worked for over nine years with Eschelon Telecom as well. It has helped him gain immense experience that he uses now at Securus Technologies to make it one of the leading correctional technology firm in the industry. Rick Smith has done his engineering from the New York University and completed Masters in Business Administration. Rick Smith is also one of the board members at the Integra Telecom, a leading telecom firm that provides a wide range of inmate communication services.

Rick Smith understands that the competition is getting fierce in the world of inmate communication sector, and to keep the growth rate consistent, mergers and acquisitions are essential. It is for this very reason; Rick Smith decided to acquire Jpay Inc, one of the leading providers of modern inmate services, including songs download, money transfer services, video chat facilities, voice messaging system, job opportunities for inmates, educational facilities, and more.

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