Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) Press Publishes 8 Open-Access Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is located in Ashurst Lodge, New Forest, England, United Kingdom. It publishes eight open-access international journals through its printing press, Wessex Institute of Technology conferences Press.Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements: The goal of this journal is the harmonization and integration of these methods within the worldwide scientific community.Design & Nature and Ecodynamics: This journal is dedicated to the economic, scientific, and social issues related to environmental issues throughout the world.

Energy Production and Management: The journal addresses the technological and socio-political concerns raised by increased demand for energy production throughout the world.Heritage Architecture: This journal addresses the maintenance, repairs, and study of architectural works of cultural and historical significance.International Journal of Environmental Impacts: The terrain of this journal is the intersection between nature and various scientific fields.

Safety and Security Engineering: This interdisciplinary journal of the engineering fields addresses their concerns in the areas of emergency response, information security, risk management, and the like.Sustainable Development and Planning: The aim of this journal is to integrate knowledge from the planning and design fields, including environmental design and environmental planning.Transport Development and Integration: This journal addresses all modes of transportation and transportation systems in general, including environmental concerns related to transportation.